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Sock Model Woes

This weekend was busy. A party Friday night where I was referred to as the house keeper by my friend’s husband. I know this friend really well and the fact that she is never ready on time without help. I walked in her front door an hour early and only a few minutes after her husband did just so I could help her out. I ended up in the kitchen fixing things which I don’t mind. But her husband joked that I was the housekeeper. I got home early Saturday morning and only had a few hours sleep.

Saturday mornings mean the farmer’s market. I hit at least 2 every week. And the weather on Saturday was brutal. If you stood outside for more than 5 minutes you were covered in sweat. Oh, wait, as a good Southern girl, I don’t sweat, I glow. The best purchase at the market were the zinnia bouquets.


And I than headed up to meet Suz of the Scattered Gemini for a special meeting of our stitch group. Saturday evening was spent trying to stay awake until my normal bedtime and playing with yarn. I am in the process of cleaning up my studio and I did manage to get some work done in there.

Sunday morning was spent fixing potato salad for a dinner at my brother’s. Of course, being a wonderful sister, I fixed the recipe he doesn’t like. He likes the Lemon Basil Potato Salad that is over on the recipe page. But I am sick of that one so I made our mom’s old recipe which is more of a traditional potato salad. When I got up to my brother’s, my nephew said that he liked the old recipe better. He meant the Lemon Basil one so he was a little confused when I told him that this one was the old recipe. His sister liked this one better. That is after she put down her book.

And that brings my sock model woes. My niece is eleven and her foot is still smaller than mine right now. She loves hand knit socks but she doesn’t have any yet. But that is not for lack of trying. She tried on all of the socks in my knitting basket and they did fit her. And of course, she put in orders for all of them. She is willing to be my sock model as well in exchange for hand knitted socks. So the question has now become how many pairs of socks should she get for being my foot model? Of course, what ever I knit her will come back to me when her foot gets bigger than mine. I am open to suggestions as to how many hand knit socks should a pre-teen girl need.

And for an even scary thought, her 13 year old brother put in a request for socks. What is scary is that the last pair of shoes that were purchased for him were size 13s!!!!! And he wants black and white stripes on his socks because that would be cool. So if anyone has any suggestions as to where to buy this yarn, please let me know. And the yarn could even be worsted weight. Bigger needles equals faster knitting. And keep in mind that this is the boy who thinks socks are perfect for cleaning the floor with so the yarn has to be super wash.

And just for your viewing pleasure, here are some of the latest additions to the stash.



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