Hot Hot Hot

It is officially too hot to try and knit in Maryland right now. It was 85 at 9:30 last night. It was already 90 this morning by 9 am. And the outdoor thermometer is reading 99 degrees and the sensor is still in the shade. And we will not discuss the humidity levels. But lets just say my hair is super curly today.

Apparently August is UFO August. And I am willing to try and finish up a few UFOs that are laying around. The one item that may not get finished by the end of the month is my sweater. I have both sleeves done but am working on the body. I need to look up the pattern info and post it. But a heavy sweater on my lap in August even with a/c is not a fun thing. The goal will be to finish up some of the socks on the needles.

Some of the socks that I hope to finish off include my Sockapoolza Socks. I am on the leg of sock #2 and within a matter of inches of them being done. I still have sock #1 on the needles but that is simply to make sure they turn out the same.


Another pair that I hope to get off the needles is a pair that I am making out of Twisted’s Lunar color way way. The colors are blacks, grays, and white. And I am loving the way the colors are striping. I am on the leg of sock one but need to start sock #2.

I also have my Monkey’s still on the needles. I am on the foot of sock #1 which means the end is in sight. Since I normally do toe-up, this sock is taking me a bit longer. Plus I am using dpns!!!! I have discovered that I need another set of size 1 dpns in a short length since I am not minding the dpns.

I also need to finish up my Hogwarts socks since I am late on them. I also am hoping to get my Inside Out socks done. These were the first shipment in this year’s Rockin Sock Club. There a number of people who had problems with these socks especially the legs. But I am having no problems with them. And I am really liking the pattern.

One very good thing about Ravelry is that you are forced to look at your stash and your UFOs. And I am finding yarns in my stash that need to find a new home. For right now, these yarns are only listed up on my Ravelry page but I will create a separate page for them here after I get everything photographed. But more about them later.

For now, I am going to go and get some more water to drink and try and stay cool and finish reading the latest Nora Roberts’s book High Noon.

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5 responses to “Hot Hot Hot

  1. Seriously? Once I get more than two pairs of socks on the needles, I start to get panic-y. I just cast on some Wollmeise – can’t decide if it’s the pattern or the yarn, but it is some seriously twisty stuff.

  2. I am sooooo jealous. I don’t have the new Nora Roberts book yet. Bad Nora fan that I am, I forgot one was coming out and since we haven’t been to Wally World to see it on the end cap, I completely forgot it was out. Now to go use the Border’s coupon I have to buy it, yeah, that’s the ticket. Is it any good?

  3. My Everyday Cardigan is a WIP, but I just can’t begin to face the Peace Fleece until the temps drop below 75. But I do have a couple smaller projects that just require seaming or finishing that I really ought to get off the needles. Pure laziness on my part that they aren’t already done…

  4. I’m with you… the air conditioner in our apartment died two days ago, and sleeping that evening felt sort of smothering. The dogs were having an awful time, too. Go MD! (I hear September and October are lovely, though.)

    I have a couple of FOs that are hanging over my head… Ravelry is helping to keep me honest about actually trying to finish them before starting one of a dozen projects I’d like to tackle. *sigh*

  5. I totally empathize. Luckily (knock on wood) we’re experiencing unseasonally cool weather here in CA, but I heard that the heat index in MD was something like 110 this week.

    UFOs I think abound in the summer, simply because touching wool is not the easiest thing to do in the heat.