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Yet More UFOs

First of all, here are some photos that I took just a few minutes ago of the sky. There was a severe thunderstorm watch issued for the area and it is now raining as I write this. And thundering but no lightening. I love a good thunder storm especially when the thunder seems to shake the building. Every drop of rain around here counts. It is bone dry. The rain just seems to skirt around Maryland lately.


And on to the UFO front. Last night, I worked on two different socks that are UFOs. I also spend a little bit of time working on a scarf that will be a present to some one. Yes, another UFO. I forgot to take a photo of it but one will be showing up shortly. I also discovered yet another sock languishing on the needles.

Yet another sock that I had forgotten about. I did find one sock that has been snoozing as well. That one will need to be finished before Christmas too. That one is my mother’s present. And that one is shown as snoozing over on Ravelry. But on to the forgotten sock. Does it count as a UFO if you decide to frog it? The yarn colors are lovely but it and I have had so,e disagreements. So I am going to frog this sock and send it to a new home.

And one of the pairs of socks should be finished either tonight or tomorrow. I am less than an inch from finishing. I did take a photo of the orange sweater UFO as well this morning. The sweater is Salvia from Araucanian Leisure by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. The yarn is Limiri and I am using color 553 which is shades of orange. The sweater is over sized so I am making a smaller size but I am making the sweater longer. I like sweaters to not leave my back cold. What is sad is that the sleeves are done. It is the body that is taking forever and the sweater is knit on size 17 needles!!!!


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