Eye Candy Friday

Yes, this is post number 3 today!!!!

In UFO news, I managed to finish one of my UFOs last night. It was my Sockapoolza socks. They are done and will go out int he mail next week. I want to sew something and send it along with the socks. And I was good and did not start anything new. Yet. I am going to try and finish one more sock this weekend before starting a new sock.


I also pulled everything together for trying to finish my sweater. I hope I have more yarn somewhere. I can only find 3 skeins of it. I will be spending this weekend cleaning up the living room and the studio. Everything for this sweater will be put together in a basket so it is together. And it will sit next to the couch so I will try and remember to work on it every night even if only for 5 or 10 minutes.

It also rained again last night. My rain gauge showed a total of just under 2-1/2 inches for 24 hours but the rain gauge for the town had just above 1-1/2 inches. Maybe it rained harder at my end of town?


I am hoping to get my living room cleaned up this weekend. Yes, there is yarn all over the living room and books. And the studio needs to be cleaned so I can finish up a few projects that need to be sewn. My sewing machine is covered right now. I just found out my SIL likes my quilts although she will never say anything like that to my face. Maybe the youngest nephew will finally get a quilt. It will have to be a quilt for Christmas. And I will try and photograph some of my quilts this weekend as well.


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4 responses to “Eye Candy Friday

  1. very pretty colors in those socks! your pal will love them :o)

  2. The socks look great! You’re going to have a very happy sock pal.

  3. Cool socks! Your pal is going to love them.

  4. It’s good that you got rain. We got some either Thursday or Friday afternoon, but I don’t think it was much. It was enough to green up the lawn, though. I like the blue and green of the Sockapalooza socks. What yarn is it?