Hogwarts Socks

I received an owl post about a week now but I haven’t blogged about it yet. Yes, bad blogger!!!! And to honest, it has been too hot to even think of putting socks on my feet. But I have put on the socks and taken pictures finally. And yes, I stayed in the a/c to take the pictures.


My socks were knit by Susan Bones aka Carrie at Strickerin. Carrie lives in the Great Southwest and sent me some goodies from her area. First up though we the socks. I was sorted by the Sorting Hat into Gryffindor. Be quiet P!!! So she knit me socks in the house colors. And she said that this was the first time that she had tried stripes. I can’t tell.

She also send me Alison’s wonderful book Charmed Knits which I did not have. There was plenty of prickly pear goodies.. There was a prickly pear lollipop. And some prickly pear marmalade, taffy and honey.

She also sent me two skeins of Panda Cotton in the Faded Jeans color way. And the yarn will make me a pair of socks soon. And she also sent me a needle to use for socks.

Thank you Carrie!!!


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2 responses to “Hogwarts Socks

  1. Did you have a long conversation with the talking hat?

  2. Your Gryffindor socks are definitely verrrry pretty. My Puck likes the Prickly Pear flavored stuff – he bought some taffy in New Mexico this year.