Sockapoolza Socks

I received my socks for Sockapoolza 4 earlier this week. My socks were made for me by Jeri of alittlemoreknit. The socks she knit me are the ‘Vog On pattern from the Spring 2007 Knitty.


After reading her blog, I have discovered that Jeri dyed the yarn for these socks herself!!! I love the color of the yarn. It is nice and tangerine to me. The socks are a perfect fit and I didn’t even dare let my niece see them because she would try and claim them. THe yarn is from Finland and called Revontuli. (I can’t find any links for this yarn.)

She also sent me a few other items in the package. There is a wonderful bag with an eggplant on the front. I am thinking that Jeri made it but she didn’t say in her note. She did however make me some knit wash clothes. The chartreuse one is the backside of a bunny with his little tail showing. And the green one is a flower basket. There is also a pair of britches for my dishes. They are actually two dish cloths cleverly held together with a ribbon. I will try and keep the britches together for awhile.


She also sent me a skien of Churro yarn. Churro sheep are raised by the Navajoes and their wool is used for weaving blankets and rugs. The Churro sheep are considered a Rare Breed. Click on the first link for a photo and history of this unique breed.. Personally, I think they are a beautiful breed. I love their horns.

And Jeri is also from the South West like my partner Carrie from the Hogwarts Swap. Jeri though is from Gallup, New Mexico. Gallup is considered to be in the heart of Native American lands. And from the photos, it looks gorgeous and this region has always been on my list of places to visit.


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4 responses to “Sockapoolza Socks

  1. What beautiful socks! Jeri did a beautiful job with them — particularly for dyeing them herself.

    Congrats for getting such a terrific pal and package!

  2. What beautiful socks! I like how the hand-dyed yarn turned out.

  3. Jeri

    Mia, i am so happy that you like them, yes i did make the bag. I hope you enjoy them.

  4. You would definitely like New Mexico – I loved it – really hope we get to retire there some day.