Busy Cleaning

I spent most of Saturday cleaning up my studio. I think I have more fabric than I do yarn. Yes, I have that much fabric. But all of it has been refolded and placed back on the shelves. I can see the floor of the studio as well. I still need to vacuum the floor after I sweep it. But I am sewing a few items so that can wait. And since there are no pins or needles on the floor I am not too worried about the floor yet.


What did I find when I was cleaning? Well fabric to make a few cute frogs. I have four made so far and I will sew up a few more this evening. My frogs are not exactly one of the mill frogs. I have a pretty good selection of Hoffman batiks in my stash. So my frogs are a tad on the bright and wild side. The pattern I am using is the one from Purl Bee. The only changes I have made are to enlarge the pattern a little bit. And to change the opening from the frog’s bottom to his head for turning and stuffing. So far my frogs are eyeless and they may remain that way.

I am easing back into quilting and I have decided to do the August Doll Quilt Challenge over on Flickr. I also found some fabric as I was re-folding all of the fabric. And I found some hand dyed fabric that I decided to use. The best part is that some of these hand-dyeds are ones that I dyed quite a few years ago. I am challenging myself to use only fabric in my stash for this quilt and that includes that backing. I have one complete block and the rest of the blocks need to be pressed and trimmed. Than comes the fun part of figuring how to set them. Do I use a sashing? No sashing? If I am going to sash, do I use the brown hand dyed or the black? And how wide do I make the sashing?

The over all effect that I am going for is that of stained glass. I also cut out blocks for a slightly larger quilt block using the same pattern. That will be next up on the sewing machine. And both of these quilts may be going on to new homes once they are finished. I have a few people in mind who will appreciate the quilts.


One thing that I did do was take a few photos of some quilt tops and quilts that I use every day. I posted them up over on Flickr. The finished quilts that are posted are the ones on my bed. I have several more but it is still too warm to pull them out of the blanket chest. I will post more photos once I pull those quilts out.

I did manage to get some knitting done in the evening but not much. I forgot how time flies when you are sewing. I was good and did not start any new socks though. I did start the second sock for my Inside Out socks since the first one was finished. I am so wanting to start a new sock with my Sesame Street yarn from Jana over at White Oak Studios. I am trying to decide if I will do another pair of Monkey socks or if I will try the Coupling pattern from the current Knitty. Take a look at my yarn and give me some suggestions.


And speaking of my Monkey socks, I am down the toe and almost ready to kitchner the toe. I will save that until I am at my LYS and can do it with some help near by.


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2 responses to “Busy Cleaning

  1. I love that yarn!

    I am so glad someone else’s studio looks like that… I feel so much better!

  2. I love quilting! Can’t wait to see how creative you get with the cleaned up space!