Basket Full of Frogs

What can I say, the Purl Bee’s frog is addictive. I have six frogs in a small darning basket with me at work to sew them shut. I found some small black beads that will be sewn on as eyes on a few of the frogs. But there are still a few frogs on the sewing table to finish. So there will frogs a plenty in my studio for a little while. I am using up scraps to make the frogs and I have plenty


But in the meantime, I have some new yarns to show. I feel in love with the Frankenstein yarn from See Jayne Knits over on Etsy. The purple and green stripes just called to me. And the cute little skull stitch marker didn’t hurt. I can’t wait to cast on this yarn to make socks for me. And I ordered this yarn while Jayne was on holiday so she sent me a few extra stitch markers as well. And I will state that she did not have to do this. But I love stitch markers so I will never turn them down.


I also ordered some more tvyarns from Jana over at White Oak Studio. I had mentioned to her before that she really needed a yarn named after either Emergency, Rescue Me, Third Watch, Backdraft, or Ladder 49. Yes, there is a fire theme going on here. And well, she emailed me to ask me about what colors you see in fire. And I told her the colors that you see in the flames and I sent her several photos. And she created this wonderful yarn called Ladder 49. Yes, after the movie that was filmed in Baltimore and had what’s his name in it. You know John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix.


And of course, I had have this yarn. And if you are ordering one color, why not order one or two more. So I did. I ordered Northern Exposure for myself and Sleepless in Seattle for P. But know that I have the Sleepless in Seattle in my hands, I am so tempted to keep it. The colors in it remind me of s’mores and toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate. But I will be good and send it to her. I will just have to order some for me.


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6 responses to “Basket Full of Frogs

  1. Suz

    You already know i adore the frogs. Frogs are my favorite!

    All of the new yarns are yummy, but i do especially like that “ladder 49”, you must bring it to group so i can sniff it and pet it. LOL!! 😉

  2. i like the frogs! i printed the pattern out a while back but never made it past there. think i’ll opt to embroider the eyes so they can be kid friendly. ribbit ribbit!

  3. Those frogs are great! I love the fun fabrics you’ve used up, too. I am gaga for those sock yarns, and LOVE the tv show names for them, very clever!

  4. The frogs are awesome — so colorful!

  5. globetrotteri

    I noticed these photos on flickr last night. Love ’em! They’re so bright and colorful. Kids must go wild for them. Do you sell them?

  6. I like your photos of the colorful yarn and your knitting creations. It would be great if the images were a bit larger to be able to see more of the detail involved in your work.

    My mother is a passionate quilter and also knits. It warms my heart to see your blog and read about how you fuse your creative enthusiasm with other aspects of life.