Zucchini Wednesday

Okay, this is so I don’t forget the recipe I made up as I went along Monday night. I picked zucchini on Saturday and well everyone knows what happens when you forget to check the zucchini plants daily. I had 3 that were a bit on the big side. I was able to give two away. I kept the smaller of the three for myself. I am tired of zucchini bread and cake so I needed to find something else to make.

I found a recipe for a zucchini frittata that caught my eye. I searched for a few more frittata recipes since I don’t like ricotta cheese. And I merged like 3 or 4 recipes together into one. The reason behind the merging of the recipes was to use what I had in the kitchen. I had the eggs for once and a tomato was easy to come by. I had a onion. And I had some cheese in the house. All of the recipes I found called for Parmesan but I had some extra sharp cheddar and that is what I used.

A frittata makes quite bit. And so being a good daughter, I gave my mother the leftovers yesterday. (I steal her leftovers sometimes so why shouldn’t I give her mine?) There was enough for four people in my leftovers. (Okay, I am not a big fan of eggs, so I only ate a small slice the other night.) But my mother called me and wanted the recipe. So did her friend who she shared it with. So here is the recipe.


Zucchini Frittata

Feel free to substitute the herbs if you want. One recipe I found called for turkey ham and since I had some, I used it. I will leave it out the next time.

1 large zucchini, grated about 3 to 4 cups)
1 tomato, diced (peeling the skin off is optional)
1 onion, sliced and cut into quarters
1 to 2 cloves of garlic
1/2 cup diced turkey breast or ham from the deli, optional
about 1/4 cup of grated cheese (use what you have, cheddar, Parmesan, Gouda, or Havertti would work)
8 eggs
a few shakes of Italian seasoning or other herb
freshly ground black pepper
2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil

Grate the zucchini using your food processor. Place the grated zucchini in a colander to drain. Slice your onion and set aside. Dice the tomato and set aside. Grate the cheese. (I always hand grate my own cheese.) Dice the turkey or ham if you are using it.

Preheat the oven to 350 F.

Beat the eggs in a large bowl. Add a few shakes of the Italian seasoning or substitute some fresh chives, fresh thyme or fresh basil. (Use what you have on hand.) Grind about 2 teaspoons of black pepper into the egg mixture. Add salt to taste. (I use coarse sea salt and use 2 pinches.) Add the grated cheese. Set aside.

In an oven-proof 8 to 9 inch skillet, heat a small about of the olive oil. Add about half of the grated zucchini. Cook the zucchini. Take out of the skillet and repeat with the remaining zucchini. Set the cooked zucchini. Cook the onions until they just start to wilt. Add the crushed garlic, tomato, and turkey or ham if you are using it. Cook until the onions are soft and the tomato cooked.

Add the zucchini back into the skillet and stir everything to distribute everything evenly. Add the beaten egg mixture. Cook until the bottom just starts to set. Place the skillet into the oven. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes. You want the eggs to be set and the top slightly brown. Start checking at 10 minutes. (This may take a little longer depending on your oven,)

Take out of the oven and run a spatula around the edge. Have a large plate handy and invert the frittata onto the plate. Don’t worry if it isn’t pretty. It just has to taste good. Slice into wedges and serve. And yes, it is good left over since I gave my mother the leftovers and she ate it the next day. The number of servings will depend on how big you slice the wedges.

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5 responses to “Zucchini Wednesday

  1. This looks delicious! I thought that you were vegan though? We are meat eaters but I can appreciate delicious vegan and vegetarian food. There’s a few asian vegan restaurants that we go to that are so yummy!

  2. I love zucchini frittata – it’s the first meal I ever made for a boyfriend..yum.

  3. yowza, I’m gonna have to try this…

  4. kitty kitty

    That really does sound good. So where is todays post? People need a sock yarn fix when bordom hits

  5. globetrotteri

    You must be an amazing cook. Every time I visit your site, I start drooling! I love zucchini, especially my mom’s chocolate chip and zucchini muffins. Keep posting these terrific recipes. Oh, and do you know any good ones for eggplant?