It Began with a Bang

It has been very dry here in the mid-Atlantic. And Sunday I woke up to a very autumn looking sky. I was up really early for me on a weekend. The sky at 7 am was dark and eerie. But it was very pretty. But no rain Sunday.


Monday was gray and overcast. Just like a typical fall day. It was drizzly all day. I actually thought about putting on a pair of hand knit socks. Yes, it was cool. Okay, high 60s but when the temperature has been in the 80s and 90s, mid 60 temperatures can be cool.

I had just about 1/2 inch of rain in my gauge by mid afternoon when I dumped it out.

And at 5:15 exactly, there was a large crack of thunder and the skies opened up. The rain was nice and steady. It was still raining last night at 6:30 when I left the house to head over to town hall. There was an informational meeting over at town hall about a proposed religious retreat on the outskirts of town limits by a religious group. The location is a farm that is still zoned agricultural and there is no provision in the town code for a religious retreat on agricultural land. The reason for the meeting was to provide information. The group seeking to buy the land is an Islamic sect and there is a lot of ignorance regarding the group. So the group had asked the town to arrange the meeting so that information could flow both ways.

Personally, I went for the entertainment value. Town meetings here can be highly entertaining. I had already done my research on the internet regarding the religious group and my questions had been answered by their website. My only concern was the amount of traffic. And the State Highway will have final say-so on the traffic volume. There is really only one main road into town and it barely handles the volume of traffic it has now. (And there are other ways into town but they are back roads. And you really have to know your way around to figure out how a few of them connect.)

But there were probably 200 people in the social hall at town hall last night which was a good thing. And most people were there with open minds. And yes, there were a few closed minds at the meeting as well. I was actually seated near the group from the religious group and the women were fascinated by the fact that I was knitting. I brought a sock with me to keep my hands busy. I managed to turn the heel and start the leg of the sock. Photos tomorrow of the sock. It is a tad overcast for a decent shot today.

But my sunflowers were a bright spot yesterday and today with their bright and sunny faces in this gloom. And there is now 2.5 inches of rain in my rain gauge. This is a 12 hour total since yesterday afternoon.


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7 responses to “It Began with a Bang

  1. Huh. We had a thunderstorm with pouring rain Sunday night, but your thunder yesterday never made its way south to us (although we did get a brief but heavy shower). It also poured around 2 a.m. last night. Interesting how we’re only about an hour apart, but our weather can be different…

    My plant pots’ saucers were full when I left for work this morning…

  2. Mid 60’s here is winter. I’d love the skies to open up and rain down on us for a while. My favorite kind of weather! Especially for knitting…

  3. I would love a nice upper 60 degree day! Send it out west when you’re done with it, OK?

    It’s really heartening to hear that most of the folks went to the meeting with an open mind. When you said it was going to be an Islamic retreat, I was worried that people would accuse it of being an Al Qaida training camp!

  4. Lovely photos – especially the sunflowers.

    We have similar entertainment here with our town meetings each spring.

    Enjoy the rest of summer.

  5. Suz

    The rain and cooler temps have been most welcome. We were out in it a bit last night when we went to rescue Carla from her parent’s house for a while and do some investigating…i did wear some woolies on my feet. Ahhh, so warm.

  6. I’ve been enjoying our little fall preview here. I wish it would stay but it is still summer. We should be back too hot and humid by the weekend.

    Beautiful sunflower shots!

  7. Your town hall meeting reminds me of the Gilmore Girls!

    I hope the rain lets up. It’s hot, humid, and dreadful here, with more t-storms on the way.