I honestly do not think we have seen the sun since Sunday. The sky is till overcast. And there is still drizzle. My hair is being super curly. And the color of the sky is sucking all of the desire to knit out of me. But I have finished another UFO. And my frogs are done. So I while I am photo-less today, I will have some photos for tomorrow. (I have about 50 fire prevention packets to put together for a local grocery store tomorrow.)

p8200123.jpg This is a repeat but it is nice and bright.


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3 responses to “Drizzle

  1. whoneedsgauge

    I have frizzy hair too. And today we had to have pictures taken at school.. :o(

  2. Suz

    My hair couldn’t frizz, even if you paid it to. Hrmph! I’d be glad for something other than stick straight.

    Hmm, overcast makes me knit more. Interesting how different we knitters are.

    Have a fun day on Saturday, don’t rush to join us, enjoy your day and your adventures. then you can fill us in the next time we see you.

  3. fuzzy hair, the bane of those of us with curls 🙂
    I send you wishes for a sunny day!