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Quilt Friday

Last night I managed to finish piecing my August Doll Quilt Challenge. And the finished top is well under the 30-inch-by-30-inch requirements. I was going for a old stained glass window effect like you might see in a few houses around an old town. Actually, if I walked down to the end of the street right next to me, I will find a few.

I still need to sash the bigger version of the quilt. But after reviewing all of the fabric in my stash, I actually need to purchase some black fabric. My black hand-dyed fabric just isn’t the right fabric for the blocks. So I need to force myself to go the quilt store. Yeah, that is just about as hard as going to the yarn store. 😉


As I was digging through the stash, I found a quilt top that only needed the four corners mitered. Actually, I found 2 that just needed their corners mitered. And both quilts were the same quilt. I sometimes will make two of the same exact quilt for no reason. I mitered the corners on one the quilts. I will finish the other one over the weekend.


I also manged to dig out another quilt that used some of my own hand dyed fabrics. And the theme for the quilt was sunflowers!!!!


I pulled out two other quilt tops when I was digging through the quilt top pile. One is a definite doll quilt. The colors are pale pinks and pale purples. I think the fabrics for the doll quilt were left over from a larger quilt. This one may have to get quilted up and used as a holiday gift.

The other quilt was one that has reproduction fabrics in it. For many quilters, reproduction fabric means fabric from the 1930s. Not me, I love all of history and living where I do I am able to find fabric from several different periods of history. The fabric in the last quilt is Victorian in appearance. I can not find the pattern but I remember buying the fabric as part of a kit. I think I have another kit buried on the shelves. I will dig it and see what the pattern has to say. Yes, this is another example of me planning to make the same quilt twice. This one is going to get bumped up pretty high in the too quilt pile. When I look at the quilt I see the quilting pattern. I need to find some backing fabric first. I am planning on this one having wool batting which I already have on hand.


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