No Knitting for a Few Days or Ouchie

This weekend was spend partially in the studio. I managed to put together a scrap quilt for P. I used left over scraps from a long ago flannel project. I had to cut exactly two additional squares to make the quilt the perfect lap size. It is going to keep her warm when she is working late at night in the middle of the winter. And, her husband had better not think of stealing it. I may make him one too. Someday down the line.


I also received an order for two quilts. My niece has requested a quilt for her American Girl Doll and one for herself. She has a few already but somehow they end up on her older brother’s bed. He has even taken the pink one. He may keep his room a disaster area but, all of the quilts can be found folded neatly on his bed. I agreed to make her quilts so long as she learns to quilt. She is going to quilt her doll quilt using perle cotton. And I get to pick the colors and fabric. But there has to be some purple and blue in the quilt.

I started the blocks for the September doll quilt challenge since I had the fabric in the stash. I did buy fabric for the sashing since I didn’t have anything that worked for the look I was going for. Photos of that will follow shortly.

I also made a phone call today and spoke with a local machine quilter who does wonderful work. I will be dropping off a quilt or two to her over the weekend. I am not picky about my quilting. I like simple designs and I am very familiar with her work. The best part is that her turn around time is about 2 weeks for smaller quilts. Smaller quilts to her means twin size or smaller. I am going to start with two smaller quilts that are basically large lap quilts. I need to iron the backing for one of the ones. I need to dig out backing for the other. I am actually looking forward to putting the binding on these quilts.

But knitting and probably quilting will be taking a few days off. I was pulling my hot water out of the microwave this morning for my tea. And I spilled it. All down the palm of my hand. Right now, it looks like three big red stitches. But I can finally move the palm of my hand without it hurting too much.

Ouch Later

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6 responses to “No Knitting for a Few Days or Ouchie

  1. Oh no! I hope you heal quickly!

  2. Owie-owie! Burns hurt the worst.

  3. Suz


    Mmmm, flannel!!!

  4. Thank you so much… Can not wait to warm up my toes.

    Hope your burn feels better. Not productive for crafting times.

  5. Owwww!!! But at least you had appropriate music for it…

  6. Oh Mia!

    I do hope you heal quickly! Darn that Tea… speaking of which, my mom’s in town and we’ve been enjoying tasting all the lovely goodies you sent… she’s always been a strict… Lipton kind of gal.. but I’ve (and you) opened her eyes to a whole new world 😉