Healing But Busy

My hand is pretty well healed today. Which is surprising considering how it felt and looked yesterday. But just because I couldn’t knit doesn’t mean that I couldn’t work on anything last night. I was able to sew. So I worked on piecing together my doll quilt for the September Doll Quilt Challenge over on Flickr.

This one is coming together really fast. And the only fabric that I had to buy was the sashing fabric. I wanted to go with a spring look but I didn’t have the right shade of green that would work with my scraps. I bought what was needed for the pattern plus a quarter of a yard extra. The extra is to add to my green fabrics.


I did run a fire call last night though. Right behind my house is a spot where there are quite a few accidents. And a call went out last night right before ten pm for a truck fire. So I grabbed the keys and the camera and walked around the corner. I did not touch any hose line. All I did was take the photos. So here are a two of the ones from last night.


I also received an order for two doll quilts for Christmas so I will need to find the right fabrics for these quilts. And I am working on a quilt that may turn out to be for P‘s husband. I really don’t want him “borrowing” her quilt because he is freezing. Domestic harmony is nice.


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2 responses to “Healing But Busy

  1. Suz

    Glad to hear that your hand is healing up so quickly. Whew!

    Hey, how was your day trip on Saturday?!!

  2. I am just so glad it healed… It sounded bad yesterday.

    Yes… Harmony is good since you know me I don’t fight M for things if he wants them. 🙂