Yet More Quilt Lovelies

Okay, there really is some knitting going on again but I just keep finding quilts to pull out and photograph. And last night, my oldest nephew decided that he wanted another quilt for Christmas. And since making him a quilt means that he will not be asking for electronics from me, I will make a quilt for him.

My nephew started looking at patterns on-line last night and found one that he liked. It is actually a very sophisticated look. The quilt pattern is very linear and done in black and white prints with a splash of red. He wants it done strictly in white and black to try and create an optical illusion. But he will let me pick the fabric so long as we stay with black and white prints. He would prefer that I not use any other colors in it. But I may go with an electric blue for the accent color instead of red. He said that all I need to have done by Christmas is the top. He will wait for the actual quilting since he wants to go to the fabric store and pick out his backing. The thing to keep in mind is that this is a thirteen year old boy. I will start pulling together fabrics for his quilt soon.

His sister wants something that has either pink, purple, or blue in it. She found a pattern that she liked in a magazine but she also likes an Amy Butler design. The design is is the Lotus Brick Path which is a traditional design. I am planning on making this quilt out of some wonderful pale pink and green fabric my local quilt shop has in stock right now. I am sure that she will go for it. If not,, I will have anew quilt that I like.

The youngest nephew doesn’t care what he gets. But at two, he really doesn’t care. He was chattering away to me last night. I know that it had something to do with Elmo since he kept saying Elmo and he was watching Elmo while we were having this conversation. So his quilt will be the easiest since I just need to make it bright and toddler friendly.

I did perform a quilt rescue last night though. My oldest nephew has several quilts. Most of them were made for other members of his family but has acquired them. I am wanting to photograph all of the quilts so I took one home with me last night. He has has the quilt since he was 7 and it is in really good shape given that it is used daily and well loved. JT picked all of the fabrics for this quilt and the design. It is a variation of a traditional 9-patch and the fabrics in it are reproduction fabrics from the late 1800s. I mixed up the 9-patch blocks with some plaid squares. The quilt gets its name from the backing fabrics. He picked out fabric with cowboy fabrics on it. He also liked a fabric that had chili peppers on it. So the quilt is the Cowboy Quilt. I am going to resew the binding again before I give it back to JT. The binding is loose in spots but that is the only damage to the quilt. I will be getting the rest of the quilts back shortly to photograph them and make any needed repairs.


The knitting that I have been working on is a sweater that has been on the needles since last fall. What is sad is that this sweater is knit on US 17s! And I just can’t seem to get it finished. But the sleeves were done first since they were my gauge swatch. The back is almost done and I am working on the front now. The problem is that I am lengthening the sweater since the original design is cropped. So regardless of the fact that I am using size 17 needles, it is still 17 inches of stockinette stitch.

And just a note that most of the quilts that I have finished up lately have been sitting in my stash just needing a few things to finish up the piecing. But the September Doll Quilt Challenge was done in less than a week. I am going to hand quilt this one since I have the time. And the other one for today is a mini that is fused appliqué based traditional Hawaiian appliqué designs. The difference is that I made them in miniature. So for my own sanity, I used fusible appliqué for the design. And since this is strictly a wall quilt, I am not worried about it too much. I have another traditional Hawaiian appliqué in the stash that I have started appliquéing the design.

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5 responses to “Yet More Quilt Lovelies

  1. I can’t believe how many quilts you are making and have made! You’re an awesome aunt, by the way.

    I like the simplicity of the Amy Butler pattern, and it should be a fairly easy one to piece. The hard part will be deciding what fabrics look good next to each other!

  2. Very nice quilts! I hope your hand is doing better!

  3. Suz

    the more i see the quilt with all of the green fabric in it, the more i like it!

  4. globetrotteri

    I’m so glad we’re in contact with each other cuz I know you’re the perfect person to ask about this. I’ve been collecting stitched flag appliques from around the world. I’m toying with the idea of having them made into a quilted wall hanging or quilt. I’m thinking of doing a South East Asia map on a quilt and than adding the flags. Is this do-able or do you think it would look really hokey?

  5. that’s so weird, i bought fabric yesterday to make Lotus Brick Path quilt, too!