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Lazy Weekend

I wish it was going to be a lazy weekend. But I will be spending most of the weekend in my studio sewing. I am going to be piecing and machine quilting a few smaller quilts. Hopefully, I will have something to show next week. And yes, I will be knitting too. I also need to start getting stuff together for next weekend when I have two fire prevention appearances at two different churches. I need to put together some bags for the kids.

I do plan to take a small break and get my hair cut and a pedicure. I love pedicures so I try to get them at least twice a month. My feet feel so happy afterwards. I am planning on running down to a quilt store about 15 minutes from me to see what they have for Halloween fabrics. I am wanting to make a quilt that I saw that used 120 different novelty fabrics. I know some one who thinks the only holiday worth anything is Halloween. So I want to try and make this quilt for her. And yes, she knows about it since she is helping me find the fabrics.

Mimi has already started her rest and relaxation for the long weekend. She only asks that you do not disturb her unless you are planning on feeding her shrimp.


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