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A Steal

The weekend wasn’t as productive as I had hoped. One thing about having an appointment to get your hair cut in the middle of the day on Saturday means that it seems like you don’t get everything done. Yet, I did manage to run all of my errands on Saturday.

Sunday was spent in a class at my LYS. The class was free and the project was a cabled purse in a chunky yarn. The owner of the shop wrote the pattern but it is knitted flat. So I may rewrite to knit it in the round. But everyone in the class had fun so that is what matters. But she was having a big sale out on the back patio which included some shop samples. There were several sweaters made out of Noro that I liked but I either didn’t like the fit or the sleeves were way too long. But I did find a sweater that was made out of Silk Garden that I like the color of except for the fit and design of the sweater. I tried the sweater on and it did fit with room to spare except that the sleeves covered my hands completely and the sweater was long enough that I could almost wear it as a dress. But the best part was the price. The sweater was only $45 and I am figuring that there are over 10 skeins of Silk Garden int he sweater. So I bought the sweater to frog it. The sweater is already in 4 pieces and I am frogging the first sleeve. Once I have the sweater frogged I will search for a pattern for the yarn that I like. I am kind of leaning towards either Rosedale United or Rosedale.


I spend Monday making granola for my niece and oldest nephew. My nephew called me on Saturday and asked me to make him something that he can eat as a snack after school that is sweet but he didn’t want cookies. Since he called while I was at my local food co-op and I was looking at the bulk food items, I decided to make him granola. I was looking at some walnuts that were already coated with maple and cinnamon which are among some of his favorite flavors. I ended up making two different granolas for them.I made them a peanut butter granola and a variation of a granola recipe I had found in the Chicago Tribune’s food section a few weeks ago. Once I write up the changes, I will post the recipes.


I did manage to get my little doll quilted though. I like it better now that it is quilted but it is not going to be a keeper. It may become one of the doll quilts that I am supposed to have done for Christmas for some one. It will find a home though.

I did dig out some of the older quilts in the blanket chest to photograph them and display them. I took the photos of them today under the shade from a tree so the colors are a little bit muted. The one that is orange is better seen muted. It is a tad bright.


The other one was one that I wanted to make it look old so I basically abused it by washing it quite a few times after finishing it. I also did not pre-wash any of the fabrics in the quilt and used a cotton batting. The little tiny quilt was made out of the leftover fabrics. To give you a better idea of the size, A sheet of 8-1/2-inch-by-11-inch paper is bigger lengthwise than this miniature quilt. And other than the green one doll quilt, the rest of the quilts are over 10 years old. More quilts will follow as I dig them out of the blanket chest. I have some big ones in there to pull out that need to be aired. I use the big ones on the bed in the winter.


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