Down for the Count

I am down for the count with a mild cause of bronchitis. I went to a fire prevention detail thing on Saturday at a local church. There weren’t too many children there though. I did end up with a case of sunburn though. But there were alpacas there. And some one was spinning. I talked to two ladies who may have some yarn for Steph. They will be getting back to me later this week. And I was also invited to knit at the county fair in a few weeks.

But I did not feel so hot Saturday night and yesterday I realized that I have a mild case of bronchitis. Based on the guidelines given to me by my pulmonary specialist last fall, I am not sick enough to go antibiotics. Based on the guidelines he gave me, I am to stick to Tylenol and use my inhaler as needed. But if I get worse, I get to go in and get antibiotics. But the whole idea is to keep me off them since I always seem to get a second case of bronchitis about 4 weeks after going off antibiotics from a milk case. So I am staying in bed and resting. The one good thing is that I can read while I am in bed and knit on something simple.

So while I heal my lungs, I will leave you with some photos of the alpacas from Saturday. And the reason behind the no touching sign is that the kids seem to want to go straight for their heads and they don’t like that.



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10 responses to “Down for the Count

  1. I hope you feel better soon Mia! (sending warm chicken soup thoughts to you)

  2. Love Alpacas. So goofy looking.

    Feel better soon. Hate lung-illnesses.

  3. whoneedsgauge

    Feel better soon! Thanks for scouting out some supplies for me as well!

  4. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well! Get better soon.

  5. Speedy recovery, Mia! Plenty of rest, some good books, and tea sound like they’re in order.

    The alpacas are cute as can be. I had a great time at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool; I was sorely tempted to take home an angora bunny, but I resisted.

  6. I hope your feeling better soon!

  7. Get well soon. That’s some nasty stuff so take it easy a long time.

  8. globetrotteri


    Take care of yourself and get better soon.