Still Breathing

The bronchitis kind of went away. Friday, I just felt like I had no energy and only one side hurt so I went to the doctor’s and the verdict was that the bronchitis has cleared out of one lung. The problem was that the bronchitis was actually pneumonia. Very early but it still showed on the x-rays. So I was promptly placed on some very nice antibiotics and a really nice cough syrup that contains codeine.

Well, let’s just say that codeine makes me dizzy. But it also means that it doesn’t hurt to cough. And that stack of magazines that just seems to always get taller sitting next to the couch is almost all read. But there hasn’t been much knitting progress. Although, I am almost finished watching season 6 of Hogan’s Heroes. I have actually watched the whole series in order for once. Yes, the show is a campy but it is still a good show. And at least, if I fell asleep while watching it, I didn’t miss much. I have seen them all several times.

I want to be all better by Saturday. Saturday is the next meeting for the Carroll County Sit and Knit group that I belong to. And I really want to go. It does take me about 25 minutes to get there so I want to make sure that I am well enough to go. Plus, I can stop at a quilt shop or two on my way there. Well, one quilt shop will be hit since it is on the way there. The second one might be as stretch. It will all depend on how I feel. So Suz, you may be getting your frog.

So I am headed back off to the couch to rest again for a little bit longer.

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8 responses to “Still Breathing

  1. I am so glad that you seem to be feeling better. Good cough syrup can make a world of difference, as well as the antibiotics making everything go away and leave you alone.

    The quilt shops sound like fun, as does the sit and knit. You are going quite a ways for the sit and knit aren’t you? Although I love Carroll county!

  2. someone

    Hi pal,

    I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. Just wondered if you had recieved my package from the virtual vacation swap? Hope you get better soon to do some knitting and of course some sewing.
    your secret pal

  3. I hope you feel better and I am really glad you went to the doctor.

    *hugs* Get better soon!!!

  4. Glad to hear you’re feeling a “leetle” bit better. We’re busy here at our camp.

  5. Codeine will do nothing for your knitting, so it’s a good thing you’re taking a little break! I hope you are feeling yourself again very soon!

  6. Hope you do feel better soon!

  7. I hope your feeling better soon!