I am finally starting to feel normal again. Well as normal as you can feel when you still feel the need to stop and cough your lungs up occasionally. The real trick now is is restore my energy reserves. But at least I am sleeping almost all night. I am still waking up in the wee early hours and can’t get back to sleep for an hour or two though. But my closet has been throughly cleaned out for once. I have even cleaned out my sock drawer and matched all of the socks and tossed the ones with out mates. I figure that since I can not sleep, I might as well do something useful. I normally never would get around to cleaning out the closet or the sock drawer.

I have also managed to cut, sew, and trim all of the squares for a new quilt. I am going to try and sit down and piece it tonight. I have also figured out which quilt which is the next one going to be machine quilted. My one goal for Sunday was to drop a quilt off to at the quilt shop for the machine quilter. I did manage to accomplish that so that meant I could decide on the next one. I think I have the backing fabric picked but I need to make sure I have enough fabric. It always feels so good when you see the end of a project in sight.

I did manage to finish a pair of socks while I was sick though. My first pair of Frankenstein socks are done. This pair is a pair that will go on to grace the foot of some one else though. I know some one who says that there is only holiday every year and it is Halloween. So she will get this pair. I have in my hands though another skein of this color way to make another pair. But my niece has requested a pair. So I may end up having to order a third skein of the yarn. But I really like the yarn and the colors so I can see myself knitting this color way three times.

And I have made a huge dent in the pile of magazines that has been steadily growing next to the couch though. And after reading them, I tore out the articles I wanted and the magazine went into the recycle bin. So I did manage to work on cleaning the living room as well. Now to just get all of the books back onto the shelves.

One thing about spending so much time on the couch is that I realize I really do need to get new curtains in the living room. So now I have to decide do I really want to make them myself or buy them. And with old windows, I have a feeling that I may end up having to make them myself in order to get them to fit the windows. Now comes the hardest part, deciding what color I want my curtains. Yeah, I may have spent too much time reading decorating magazines.

And I did manage to get to the post office today. There were several packages there including one from Alaska. My virtual vacation box is here. I still need to open it and take some photo. It isn’t that I am being good, it is just that my energy is running out for today.


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4 responses to “Finally

  1. You mean there are other holidays in the year other than Halloween? I absolutely love the socks.. I can not wait for the happy day to arrive. I will wear them for beggers night!

    I am glad you are feeling better. Though young lady… don’t push yourself.

  2. Glad you’re feeling better. Rest rest rest!

  3. I’m glad you are feeling better! I can’t wait to see what came from your “vacation” to Alaska.

  4. I’m so glad that you are better. Being sick is NO fun, especially when you can’t knit or quilt or do anything that requires any kind of stamina. But you are on the mend and that’s what counts.