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Moon Cakes and Other Goodies

I went to the post office today and picked up several packages. Two of them are from P. One is a large box of yarn for Steph‘s school project. The other smaller box was for me. The smaller box contained her yarn from the first shipment of the Wool Girl Sock Club. See when the yarn came in, she realized that the color wasn’t a P color but that it was me. So she was a super nice friend and sent me the yarn. Thank you P, I love the yarn!!!!


She also sent me moon cakes for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. They were a little bit late but that is okay with me. The trick was making sure I got at least one. My mother loves them so you can guess where most of the moon cakes ended up. Yes, at her house. But I did manage to keep one. She is going to ration herself to half a moon cake a day.


I also received some new sock yarn. Okay, I will admit it, I have a slight addiction to sock yarn. If you have to have an addiction, at least one isn’t that bad. The yarns are nice and pretty and soft. This time around I went with a red theme. The new yarns include Laguna Waves from Duet Sock Yarns, Casbah Sock from Hand Maiden in Blackberry, and Ruby River Smooshy Sock Yarn from Dream in Color. Yes, the Casbah sock yarn has some cashmere in it. This yarn will make some nice cushy socks.


I also received a wonderful package from Jody of A Caffeinated Yarn. But the contents of that package will be shown tomorrow along with a brief review of a new quilt book that I bought over the weekend.

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