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Quilt Wednesday

Today will be about quilting. And the reason is that this coming Friday and Saturday I am taking classes with a British quilter named Barbara Barber. This lady is the queen of starch. If you click over to her website make sure you read about how she likes her fabric starched for classes. Am I starching my fabrics? Let’s just say that I have been one to play by the rules. So my background fabrics will be starched but that is it. I spend yesterday evening spraying starch on a piece of fabric, waiting for it to dry, and ironing it. And repeating the process for a grand total of six times. I knitted while waiting for the starch to dry. I can think of better ways to spend my time but that is just me.

But I have new quilting fabric to show off. Jodi from A Caffeinated Yarn recently last week sent me a wonderful present of some Heather Bailey Fresh Cut fabrics. She was a super nice friend and sent me half-yard cuts of the entire collection!!! I can not find the fabric in my local shops. I waiting to find the perfect design for the fabrics.


I also managed to pick up over the weekend a copy of Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. I had looked for the book at my local quilt shops and even Borders before finally breaking down and calling my local Barnes & Noble. Borders told me the book was even in print yet. And yet Barnes & Noble had it. I really like this book. There are several projects in there that I see myself making.


I really like the little birds on the front cover. I can see myself making a few of them and stuffing them with something extra for some one’s cats to play with. I also love the pincushions in there. They will be great way to use up scraps. I tend to keep even the tiniest scraps. I used to do log cabin quilts using 3/4 inch strips. I really love the washed silk quilt in the book. I can see making that for myself at some point.

And to give my hands a break from my size 0s, I started not one but two Clapotis. I really like this pattern obviously. These are actually Clapotis four and five for me. The first one is being done in Lion & Lamb in the Bittersweet color way. For some reason, I only have three skeins of the yarn so I am making the shawl a bit narrower and will sacrifice a little bit of the length, Clapotis number five will be wider and longer than the pattern calls for. I am doing it in Cherry Tree Hill‘s silk/merino DK weight. The color way is Dusk and I have four skeins of this yarn. And the yardage per skein is 313 yards each so I can make it wider even though it is a totally different gauge.


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