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This and That

Not much going on other than trying to starch my background fabrics for my upcoming quilt classes. Let’s just say that my background fabrics will be starched and that is it. I have chose white as the background color for both blocks since I can use any other color that I want and have it look good.

Last night, I managed to work on both of my Clapotis shawls. I alternated between the two while watching season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy. I really like this show and I am happy that the seasons come out on DVD fairly quickly.

I did make a new recipe the other night that I will share here today. I had bought new red potatoes on Sunday when I went to the co-op. I figured that I would boil them or something. But I started to think about roasting veggies. And I found this recipe on Simply Recipes that sounded good. So I tinkered with it a little and added some onions to it since I like roasted onions. I am not a big fan of rosemary but I am growing it in the garden. So when I out to the garden to look at my herb choices, I was looking at the rosemary, winter savory, and thyme. I settled on lemon thyme because it is my favorite of the thymes.

I basically followed the recipe except that I added the onions and I sliced the garlic instead of mincing it. I also changed the rosemary to the lemon thyme. The lemon thyme makes your kitchen smell good as it is in the oven. And the leftover are just as good. I ate it as a main dish but I am sure that it would be a nice side to roasted chicken or turkey if you are looking for a new side dish.

Here are the before and after photos.


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