Dark and Dreary with Bright Spots

Yesterday was a bit dreary with the reports that people were receiving their October STR shipments. But we had some rain so I couldn’t really complain. And the rain stopped long enough last night for me to head over to Borders to pick up some books that I had on hold. It started raining again after I got home last night so I sat and worked on my Mr. Greenjeans and listened to the rain.


There are two bright spots today despite the fact that it is very overcast, dreary, dark, and drizzly. One is the new book I picked up last night and the other is that my October STR shipment was waiting for me at the post office this morning.

No matter what when I go to Borders, I always check out the bargain books. And last night, I picked up a book about fire trucks and engines. The best part is that the book came with a little wooden ladder truck. With my coupons last night the price was even nicer. So of course this little book got added to my pile. I read the book when I got home and it is really interesting and actually accurate about the descriptions of what each piece of fire apparatus does on a call. I am picking up the last two copies tomorrow night for my chief’s mom. She is going to give them to her grandchildren as Christmas presents. (But of course, she might give one to her son the fire chief!)


This morning it was a tad on the nippy side considering that the temperatures have been in the high 70s over the past few days. I hate cold feet so I reached into the sock day and I am wearing hand knit socks today. My toes are nice and toasty. I also decided that since it was damp that I would wear something made out of wool instead of fleece as a jacket today. I pulled out a poncho I made a few years ago to wear. (I normally don’t wear ponchos but I had to make this one. It is called Poncho Mia!!!)


I was thinking of giving this to my niece but I think I will keep it now instead. It was nice and warm on the walk to the post office this morning. And at the post office there was the nice bright and cheery yellow slip that means you have a package in my box. Yes, it was my October shipment of the Rockin Sock Club from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Let’s just say that Tina must have been communing with the spirits from down around Baltimore. The colors are perfect for the Raven series and Edgar Allan Poe. I am thinking that I will be acquiring more of the yarn in this series. After all, I do live in Maryland and Poe is most definitely associated with Maryland and is buried in Baltimore. So my logic follows that I need yarn from the Raven series.

There is a photo up on my Ravelry stash page that actually shows the true colors of the skein but for here, I am only posting the black and white photo. And here is a shot of what the skies look like today.


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  1. Suz

    I am loving the rain! It’s great knitting weather.

    The book you found sounds really fun.