Welcome Zombies

First of all, for those who claim it is already a holiday elsewhere in the world, Halloween does not start until night fall on the evening on October 31 where you live. (And yes, this is aimed at a specific person. He knows who he is.)

Halloween has a very long history. Historians have traced the origins back to the times of the Druids and Celts. Samhain was the start of the dark period of the year according to ancient Celtic beliefs. And even today, winter is the dark time.

Halloween is not about dressing up and getting candy. It is about the time of the year when the spirits are able to move between the two worlds freely. And spirits do abound in certain places. I have been to Antietam battlefield at this time of year and felt the souls of those who died there.

I live in an area where spirits abound. There have been rumors about my house being haunted as well. There are some who claim some one hung himself in my attic. But asked for the time frame that the hanging supposedly took place, it is always before my house was built. My house wasn’t built until 1925. Prior to 1925, the property housed one of the local blacksmith shops (one of many in town.) The house for the property was the house next door. And most of the people who told me the story about my house are people who have lived in this town less than 30 years. To get the straight story, I simply asked those who were born and raised in this town and are well over the age of 70. The house where the story really took place was actually in Georgetown which is the opposite end of town from me. (My town was originally two separate towns that grew together. But to give you an idea of how little growing was needed, the old part of town is only two blocks long. And looking at the original maps of the two villages, they almost met. And yes, the spot where my house is located is on that map. And there are ghosts in this town.)

And tomorrow is Dia de losMuertos!!!! Although it is associated with Mexico, this holiday is celebrated in other Latin American countries as well.


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2 responses to “Welcome Zombies

  1. How fun to have a ghost roaming around in your hood! (Maybe the person who hung himself did so in the blacksmith’s shop???) I’m also really sensitive to spirits (we have lots of Native American spirits in this area…) and love visiting graveyards during Halloween.

    And you think your friend who is already celebrating is jumping the gun! Beginning Oct. 1, my husband pulls out all the scary movies he has (a lot!), eats everything pumpkin and plans for Halloween (even though he doesn’t dress up…).

  2. I’m not sure that I would want to live in a house that was also inhabited by a ghost. I think it would freak me out. A friend of mine, though, is convinced that she does have a ghost. She came home one day and discovered that the toilet seat in the bathroom had been disassembled and propped up against the wall. She lives alone and to the best of her knowledge, no one else has a key to the house. I hope you had a great Halloween and have a great weekend.