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Busy Knitting

My niece’s birthday is today and I decided last week to knit her a sweater for her birthday. Yes, a sweater in less than a week. Luckily, the still right now for middle school girls is cropped sweaters. I picked the Carie Cropped Cardi from Fitted Knits. The trick was finding a nice chunky yarn that was one of her favorite colors. The colors I had to pick from were pink or purple. I was told by her big brother that blue was okay but he thought she would like pink or purple better.

So I found some pink Limari and by going up to a size 17 needle was able to get something resembling gauge. I made my life easier and went up a size as well. My nephew told me that I had to make the arms long once he saw the pattern. He said that would would wear the sweater until it fell apart so I had better make the arms long. He also was willing to try it on to make sure it would fit her. His theory was that if it fit him it would fit her since he is taller and bigger than her. And yes, the sweater fits him.

The sweater is actually a quick knit except for the seaming. It took me awhile to seam the sleeves but only because it has been awhile since I seamed a sweater. I did not add a button when I finished it because I wanted her to try it on before making a decision about a closure.

I gave her the sweater Saturday on her birthday camping trip. I put the sweater in the bottom of a huge shopping bag that came from a yarn store. She had called me last week and told me that she had finally figured out knitting and wanted yarn and needles for her birthday. She said that she knew I had multiples of almost all of my needles. She told me that she would “borrow” needles from me. With the help of P, I put together a bag of yarn and needles for her. P picked out several patterns that would appeal to a beginning knitter of her age.

I was a nice and gave her some Noro to make some Feline Dim Sum for her cats. I had her best friend give her the bag which had an old jean jacket on top. She was thrilled as it was with the jacket once she was told that it used to belong to her father and that he had given it to me. And I was continuing the tradition by giving it to her. She is thinking about how she wants to decorate the jacket but her big brother may be borrowing it first.

She started going through each layer in the bag and kept getting more and more excited about the yarns as she made her way towards the bottom of the bag. When she came across some sock yarn with a note that said I would teach her, she was thrilled. She had already told me that she wants to knit socks on two circular needles and she wants to learn toe up to start with so she will be learning here soon.

But the thrill for her came when she got to the bottom of the bag and saw the sweater. She immediately pulled it out and put it on. While she had been pulling out the yarns, her best friend had been petting them. But when my niece put on the sweater, her best friend started started to rub her cheek against the sleeve of the sweater. (You have to realize that her best friend can be a complete nut when she wants to be.)


My niece posed for several shots including one with her present from her brother which was a football. We used a knitting needle as a temporary closure on the sweater for the modeling session. I have to finish off the button closure on her sweater. So the sweater will grow with her, I am going to crochet a tiny button loop on the left with the button and we are going to tie some ribbon in pink to the right edge and she can adjust the opening to suit her. Plus she can change the pink ribbon to purple ribbon if she wants to wear pink and purple together. (I saw this idea on a Debbie Bliss pattern and thought it was a great idea.)

I now have to knit her brother a sweater. I knew there would be a price to pay for him being so willing to try on his sister’s sweater. I saw a pattern in Simply Knitting that would look good on him so I sent him an SMS on Friday night. My phone was ringing in less than 2 minutes and he was giving me his opinion on colors. I have to hunt for the yarn for the pattern since I have nothing in the stash that will work right now. But in the meantime, I am knitting him a basic drop shoulder sweater in a dark green Jamieson’s Shetland Heather in a dark green that has been in the stash for awhile. He said that the green would do until we found the perfect blue or gray for his ribbed sweater. Now the trick is figuring out how big to make it. He keeps growing!!!! Is there a way to make 13 year old boys stop growing? I am going use my brother’s measurements as baseline measurements.

I am also almost finally finished with another sweater that has been on the needles for a year. I just need to seam it this week to cross another UFO off the list.


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