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I have actually been busy knitting not just hats but working on a sweater for myself. Well, hopefully me since both my niece and my mom want the sweater too.

In an attempt to use up my stash, I decided to make the Carie Cropped Cardi for myself. I have exactly 8 balls of Rowan Big Wool in my stash. The yarn is the perfect gauge for the sweater and I am making the sweater longer since it will look better on me that way. Cropped and short waisted don’t work together. I have already used up four balls of the Big Wool. I decided to add the sleeves after I finished the second ball of yarn so I would not have to worry about having enough yarn for them. Each sleeve equaled one ball of yarn. So I have four balls left to use up. The sleeves are already seamed up and all of the ends so far are woven in. Hopefully the sweater will be finished in the next week.


I finished another hat for my mom in Cascade 220. She had picked out the colors for a felted bag but the yarn is now hat yarn. Trying to find hat patterns that are different has been fun. I decided to use Sugar on Snow from Knitty and use up some of the red Cascade 220. The i-cord on the hat is purple. My mother is a Red Hatter and she can wear this one to their luncheons. I will be making her a purple hat with red i-cord. But right now I have another hat almost finished in yarn that she picked out and bought herself. (there will be a better photo of the hat soon.)


I am hoping to get my niece started knitting hats Wednesday afternoon since she doesn’t have school. I am going to have her learn to make a hat for her baby brother first using some Encore I have in my stash. I have a basic hat pattern for her to use for her first hat. And I have some purple yarn set aside for her to make herself a hat as well.

And I have posted a page about the Small Comforts project. This will be an ongoing project and I would like to thank everyone who has already volunteered to make something for it.


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2 responses to “Actual Knitting Content

  1. Wow, your knitting is just coming along. Hopefully you can motivate me to work on, well, anything!

  2. Finally, a sweater for you! I can’t wait to see what it looks like. I like the idea of red and purple hat. For some reason, it implies spunk to me and I hope that your mom will continue to be spunky throughout this journey that she has embarked on. Have a most wonderful Thanksgiving!