Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving for those celebrating it in the US. Here are some photos of what I have had to cook to take to my brother’s house yesterday. We did Thanksgiving yesterday because my SIL is going to her sister’s house today. . And Mimi says thank you for making sure I got turkey to eat before anyone else. (Yes, my cat likes turkey and chicken.) The veggies are loosely based on the recipe in the current issue of Vegetarian Times which is a roasted veggie blend. I put plenty of veggies in with the turkey for those who want softer veggies. (Namely the two year old nephew. And my SIL can take them to her sister’s house for Thanksgiving dinner there. She will reheat them and roast them to give them a little bit of crunch.)

I also got my niece started on a basic hat pattern yesterday. She called me this morning to tell me that she already had almost 2 inches on the needles and she was wanting to know what size needles she needed to take with her so she could start a scarf. I think she might be addicted already.



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3 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Suz

    Excellent job on another conversion to the dark side. Muhahahaha!

  2. Sounds like your niece has really taken too knitting! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Hope you had a lovely holiday! Looks yummy!