Still Here

I am still here but I am busy knitting. There is a certain gift day coming up faster than I would like. So I am busy knitting. Okay, the one hat is for me but it just means that I am making myself a present that I know I will like. But no photos yet. So instead, I will leave you with a nice photo from Black Friday. And no, I didn’t get up for the early stuff. I might if there was yarn or books involved but not for any other reason.



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3 responses to “Still Here

  1. kenworthknitter

    I don’t get up and do all of that Black Friday stuff either. My sister was at the outlets in Hagerstown at midnight on Thursday, she shopped until 3 a.m. She was then back up and out at 7:30. I think that is just nuts.

    Sounds like Christmas is sneaking up on you too, although I didn’t plan a whole lot of Christmas knitting as I just don’t need the added stress. I will knit some dishcloths, because they are a big hit with the people that we gift for Christmas.

    Good luck with getting all of the knitting done.

  2. Black Friday freaks me out. I stayed home and knit. Beautiful sky pic!

  3. Suz

    Pretty sky picture.