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First Snow Day of the Season

I went to bed last night knowing that the weather forecast called for snow today. The weather forecast on one website said a dusting and another website said we could get 1 to 3 inches. And both said that the snow would start during the mid-day. Well I woke up to snow. It was just starting. And it is still falling. It looks so pretty out there. And being a knitter, I am wearing hand knit socks and put on a hand knit hat and scarf for my walk to the post office. But I couldn’t find any hand knit mittens in my basket!

I had started a pair yesterday but I decided that there was something about the pattern that bothered me. So l went through all of my books and patterns and restarted a mitten late last night but an inch of cuff will not do me any good. But I remebered first thing this morning that I had a pattern for a mitten using bulky weight yarn in a book. So I pulled a ball of bulky yarn out of the stash and the right size needles and the pattern and am working on them at work. So I should have a new pair of mittens in a day or two. Finishing any knitting for presents will have to wait until the mittens are done. Keeping my hands warm is just as important.

But here are some photos from early this morning.



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