Daily Archives: December 6, 2007

Snowy Wednesday

Rather than write about yesterday, I will show you in photos what happened all day. It snowed plain and simple. We were only supposed to get anywhere from a dusting to 2 inches. I think that we ended up with closer to 4 to 5 inches. And the nice thing is that I was able to work on my mittens all day at work. (One advantage of being the only one in the office yesterday.)



And a note to my neighbor who knows nothing about this blog. I will have the snowplow pile the snow in front of your parking space next time. You have have been asked several times to not pile the snow where you do and to put ice melt down if you do decide to shovel. I also want the name of your insurance company because I really think I may need to go to the doctor after falling in the shared driveway again today because the bare driveway was a sheet of ice. And no, I couldn’t tell. The driveway looked dry.


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