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Word of the Day – Wintery Mix

Today’s weather is the infamous mid-Atlantic “wintery mix.” And that can mean everything from rain to snow to sleet to all of the above. The temperatures are not as cold as they were yesterday but the snow on the ground still makes it cold. And yes, it is easier to sit today. The wonders of modern medicine allowed me to get a good night’s sleep and my body heal from the jolt it took yesterday. And I did manage to talk to my friend who plows my driveways. And yes, he will “accidentally” manage to pile the snow in front of my neighbor’s parking space.

I almost have one mitten finished. Bulky yarn plus big needles equals fast knitting. The other mitten is a worsted weight yarn but knt on a size 2 so it means progress is not as fast.

I managed yesterday to finish most of my holiday shopping. Etsy is a very nice place. I just need to order some yarn for my niece’s present. I spoke with her yesterday to see what she thought her 13-year old brother would like. Her first suggestion was a game for his PS2. But when I told her that I was doing hand made gifts this year, she suggested that I knit him a matching set of hat, scarf, and flip top mittens with those twisty things on them. The twisty things translates to cables. She also picked a color and fiber for him – alpaca and either dark gray or dark blue. Can we all say yarn snob? So long as the hat or scarf are started before Christmas, he will be happy. I will say that he does take care of hand knit items. So more yarn needs to be ordered today for his present. Maybe I should order enough to make two sets. Matching father and son hats would be nice. My brother is also hard to buy for since he always buys the stuff he wants.

Off to finish my shopping. The internet is such a wonderful thing!!!

And I would like everyone to click on over to Eva’s blog and wish her a Happy Birthday!!! Today is her birthday. Happy birthday, Eva!!!



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