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Almost a Mitten

Well, I managed to get my mitten up to the point where I can begin the top shaping last night. I also managed to get my hat closer to the top shaping. I have been working on my Pirate Hat longer than I care to admit. But I only have 3 more rows before I begin the top shaping. It is amazing that a project can sit for awhile in the pile and when you pick it up, you realize that it needs less than 30 rows to be finished. So if I get lucky, this might actually get finished and I can decide if I am keeping it or giving it away to a deserving person.


Last night was soup night. I had seen a recipe for a nice winter soup on a food blog that I like to read. When I first saw the recipe, it sounded really good to me. And since I normally have a few cans of white beans in my cabinets, the only thing that I needed to pick up was some dark leafy greens. So I managed to pick up some kale at the store closest to me. I knew better than to hope that they would have some Swiss chard. But when I got home, I remembered that my neighbor and I had planted some Swiss chard seed back in early October. (Yes, a little late but we still managed to have some come up.) So I took a flash light and walked back into the very wet garden. And surprise!!! There was still some Swiss chard growing. So I picked what I could and went into the kitchen to make my soup.

One little problem, all I could find were several cans of garbanzo beans. No white beans to be had. So time to modify the recipe. Instead of white beans, I used the garbanzo beans instead and just cooked them for a bit. I had a little bit of vegetable broth in my refrigerator so I used that and some water. Since I had fresh picked Swiss chard, I used that and add one a kale leaf to the soup pot. I was able to cut down the recipe some so I had enough for two small bowls last night for dinner and enough for leftovers for lunch today. Tonight will be another soup night since I need to use up the kale. I found two recipes over on the Fat Free Vegan blog that I am going to kind of blend to use up the kale. And yes, I know have white beans. And tonight I may even pick some of my mustard that is still growing in my pots. They will not get too much bigger but I can add them to the kale in the soup. (I even still have some lettuces growing in my pots despite the cold and damp weather.)


The weather forecast for today was for a wintery mix but so far there was a little bit of rain early this morning. And it is just very overcast and damp and dark outside. So this is perfect soup weather. This weekend may turn out to be soup and stay inside weather as well. There is a good chance of snow, sleet, rain, and who knows what on Saturday. I think I may spend the day working on a cat quilt for Mimi and trying to layer another quilt that was supposed to be a Christmas present but it will not make it in time. But wait, I have until January 6th!!! One nice thing about a Spanish heritage is that I also celebrate Three King’s Day. I have an extra week to work on the quilt!!! Yeah!!!!

And I know it isn’t just me, but Bloglines seems to be having major problems. Earlier I had over 3,000 unread blogs. Yet, a few minutes earlier it had been 73. It is almost time to give Google Reader another try.


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