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A Huge Pile of Yarn

Today was a nice day at the post office. I got a nice big box of citrus from Kitty Kitty, I got one of my Etsy orders as well. (Still waiting on one more Etsy order.) And I received my Webs order. I ordered 16 skeins of yarn last week. And yes, some of the yarn is supposed to be Christmas presents. But some of the presents will be for next year or Three Kings Day. I am still undecided which yarn will be for my brother and which for my nephew.

And Three Kings Days for those not familiar with the holiday is also called the Feast of Epiphany. It is celebrated in Spain and in Spanish speaking countries. It is actually the Twelfth Day of Christmas. The Twelve Days of Christmas start on December 26th not December 13th. It was the English who started counting the twelve days before Christmas as the Twelve Days of Christmas. (For those living in New York, here is a link to the parade for Three Kings Day.) Christmas Day in Spain is more of a religious holiday than a day to get presents. You get your presents on January 6th instead.

I spent part of my childhood in southern Spain and my father is Cuban with a Spanish grandfather so I have always celebrated Three Kings Day. Even with an American mother, we still celebrated Three Kings Day. (More presents!!!!)

And for anyone still looking for some quick knitting for presents, how about knitting a small sweater? You never said that the sweater would fit some one did you?


(The teeth soap are for my 13 year old nephew who will get his hat as a skein of yarn. I will let him pick his hat pattern.)


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