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Little Rant

Okay, the storm that was promised never materialized. It wasn’t even that much rain. But I still have a little rant aimed at the electric company. I got a phone call from my parents this morning wanting to know if I had power. I live in the old part of town and we have above ground lines. They live in an older development and their lines are all underground. Apparently their power went out about 3 am this morning. The power company said that their power would be restored by 8 pm tonight. Well, when my father called them again earlier this afternoon, he was told it might be Wednesday before their power is restored. My parents spent the day at my brother’s because his house has fewer steps than mine.

So I called a little bit ago and after about 15 minutes on hold, I finally got a person. I was told the same thing. When I asked the lady on the other end if they preplanned for situations like this, the response was well that is why we are here. As a fire fighter, we preplan for different emergencies and are able to adapt the plans to fit the situation. The electric company does not plan ahead. And what is funny is that people at the op of the street from my parents have power and the shopping center at the bottom of their street has power. But their little street does not. I kept being told that their power must come off a different line. The lady couldn’t seem to grasp that I was familiar with the underground lines on their street and that her explanation made no sense. And oh yeah, it is your problem to find a place to stay until your power is restored.

There are still several areas without power and yet the power company has not asked the Red Cross to open warming centers. And there are designated warming centers in the county. But in the entire time, I lhave lived in this county (over 20 years), they have never been opened.

The power company will have a lot of explaining to do and soon. And my brother lost power about an hour ago and now has no water. He lives out in the county and has well water. He does have a back up generator but he has never gotten around to rewiring the well pump to the generator. My parents are going to stay at their house in tonight since the cat needs the company. But it will be interesting to see how long it takes for them to get power. And my place is too small for anyone to stay. Plus my place is a little on the cold side too. But the cold in my place is because I have old windows. Time to go and curl up under a quilt while I hand quilt someone’s present. Back to knitting.


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