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A Cold Sunday

Yesterday was cold. We never got the storm that we were supposed to have. We got a tiny bit of ice Saturday night. I managed to get photographic evidence of the ice. But I also discovered that I have to figure out how to clean my kitchen windows this spring. I am not sure if I want to hang out the window or find a ladder I am comfortable with to climb. My kitchen window is on the second floor and the steps to the basement are in the same area too. But the window needs to be cleaned.


Yesterday was all about the cold and the winds. So I stayed inside and knit, quilted, and cleaned. One advantage of living by yourself is that you can have piles of knitting books and yarn all over your living room and no one will complain. But I decided that it was time to rearrange the living room and clean it up. I have been sorting through magazines of all sorts. If anyone is interested in a large batch of Taste of Home cooking magazine, leave me a comment and I will email you. These are older issues that are looking for a good home.

I am also trying finally to organize all of my knitting patterns into large notebooks. In cleaning up the office, I found several very large notebooks that I am going to use. And to store them, I have space under the bay windows in the living room. While I didn’t get everything done yesterday, I made a huge start. I also managed to un-bury my favorite rocking chair and move it to a better spot in the living room. I can sit in this chair and comfortably use my quilting frame.

I managed to baste both of the quilts that are supposed to be Christmas presents. I started hand quilting the smaller one since that is for Mimi. Yes, the cat is getting her own quilt. Mimi likes to sleep on the flannel quilt on my parents’ bed so my mother wants her to have one that she can put on the couch in the living room. I was going to use a left over block from another quilt but it would be too small. She is skinny but long. But I have plenty of this fabric left. I made a quilt for my now 13 year old nephew when he was a baby. His quilt is not quite a twin size. I have also made a queen size quilt for myself out of the same fabric. And I still have fabric left. Does that say how much fabric I bought? But I like flannel quilts. And I am now almost out of these fabrics. But isn’t it pretty? Yes, I am utility quilting it using perle cotton.


The second quilt will also be hand quilted. The person I am making this one for and I talked yesterday. And after discussing the decision of whether or not to hand quilt or machine quilt, we decided on hand quilting it. It will also be utility quilted using perle cotton. But my utility quilting tends to be more of a smaller stitch size. I found the perfect color perle cotton for this quilt. It will be nice and warm for some one’s office though. I have another quilt that needs to be finished but it will have to wait until after the holidays. Her husband is picky and this quilt is for him. But he is willing to wait.

I managed to finish one mitten. Well, it still needs a thumb but I save them for last. I have started on the second one already and should be done with the ribbing shortly. I just got my short dpns that I need for my convertible mittens. So I should be able to get back to work on them in the next day or two. The oldest nephew has a store bought pair and loves them. So he may get a hand knit pair once I get some Encore in a dark blue for him. His favorite color for mittens and hats is black but he likes blues and grays as well.


And question for those with teen age boys, I am going to knit the boy a hat and scarf for his present. I have the yarns all ready but I can’t decide on the patterns. Should I give him the yarn and a few patterns to pick from? He loves hand knit items and he understands that they take time to make. Any suggestions. I already have a few new patterns to get some yarn for after the holidays to knit him some additional hats.

Time to get knitting. I have been managing to get quite a bit of knitting done while watching Highlander. Adrian Paul is such nice eye candy……


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Rant Update

My parents got their power back about 3 am this morning. My brother got his back around 11 pm last night. But there are still people without power out there. And what is funny is that the electric company on Friday announced major upgrades which are really a way to do the maintenance that they have been putting off for years.

I did get some knitting done over the weekend but it was mostly spent cleaning. Photos later.

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