A Kermit Thorpe

I finished the Kermit Thorpe hat this morning. And the best part is that it was all stash yarn!!! I have had the Kermit Had a Nightmare yarn in the stash for a few months and the trim yarn is some black Manos that has been in the stash for quite awhile. I just need to attach the ties to the ear flaps and wash it before it is totally complete. I need to measure out the Kermit yarn and see how much I have left and combine it with the black for the ties. My niece was complaining that I always make hats for her brother and not her but I think this hat will be her brother’s. The color and style are very much him. The color is obnoxious enough to bother his parents but not too much. And at 13 year being obnoxious is part of the game for him. I am still going to let him pick a hat pattern for the hat that his sister picked the yarn for though.


I am going to be starting a hat for his sister tonight though. She can knit but she hasn’t progressed to patterned hats yet. Plus her speed is still at turtle speed. She asked for yarn for her present so I ordered an extra skein of the color she picked just in case it was needed. Well, it will turn into a hat for her now. I have narrowed the choices down to two different patterns for her. I will pick one tonight when I cast on. She will be thrilled to have “her” hat.

And yet another prewrapped present arrived today from the wonderful wrappers at Amazon. It will join its cousin from yesterday which is still wrapped. Yes, I have good willpower with some things. Back to knitting. And there will be better shots of the Kermit Thorpe being modeled but after Christmas. I will get the boy to model it.

Edited to addd – Go and listen to the latest episode of Katia and Kylie Mac. Actually listen to episode 103 since they mention an email I sent them. But after listening to them, you will be hooked and you will want to head over to Podcast Alley and vote for them. Yes, I have Scout to thank for my addiction to this podcast!s

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