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I was tagged by Lynda over at Knitting Across America for this one. It is the Christmas one. And if you haven’t ever read her blog, it is worth a trip over to check it out. Her home is the cab of a semi that she shares with her DH and son. She gets to see more of the US than the rest of us. And her knitting is always with her. And if you think you have problems storing our stash, think about her storage options….

The rules are as follows:

~ Link to the person who tagged you
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Here are the questions (feel free to substitute the winter holiday of your choice & to add questions):

1. What was the best Christmas present you got as a kid? Well, considering my brother is a pain in the rear most of the time and even worse around the holidays, it certainly is not him. I would have to say that my best present ever was the Nativity set we bought the first year that my family lived in Naples, Italy. I have it and sometimes it is the only holiday item I set up.

2. What was the best Christmas present you got as an adult? A car. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was in college. And I never had a car while I was in college. My parents gave me a used small car for Christmas right right before my graduation from college. (I graduated in December.)

3. What’s your favorite Christmas carol? Silent Night in German but not in English. But I also like What Child is This. And you can add It’s Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by U2; who can resist Bono?

4. How long can you stand to listen to Christmas music before you break? Not very long. I worked in retail for a few years so that took care of that.

5. How many Christmas albums do you own? Not too many.

6. Did you ever go caroling as a kid? No. I grew up in climates where it was pretty warm at Christmas time.

7. Would you willingly eat fruitcake? No but I will make one if you really want one.

8. Do you own any Christmas sweaters? There is one that my mother bought me several years ago that is stuffed in the back of the laundry room. I wore it once when I worked in a ski shop over the holidays.

9. Do you own any Christmas jewelry? I have some hand carved geese that have little wreaths you can add to them but I never wear them.

10. Do you wear them? I used to wear but not anymore.

11. Did your family have any Christmas traditions? Like what? Besides my brother and I getting ticked off at each other. (Yes, this has happened ever since childhood.) We normally eat Cuban food for Christmas dinner. The menu always includes black beans and rice, marinated pork, ropa vieja, and rice.

12. Do you buy Christmas presents for your pets? Cats deserve presents too. They have to put up with the fuss and having their naps interrupted.
13. What’s your favorite Christmas cookie? I like making them not eating them. But if I had to pick one it is the base for the mincemeat cookie recipe that was my grandmothers. I like the dough not the mincemeat.

14. What’s your favorite Christmas candy? Again none. I rarely eat candy anymore. Something to do with eating way too much once before.

15. What’s your stocking look like? Mine was made for me by a family friend when we lived in Naples. It is red and has different cutouts on it.

16. How do you feel about the “Steal from Your Neighbor” Christmas present game (the one where people pick gifts from a pile, but others get to steal it)? Hey, if my brother gets something I like or want, I will take it. He does this to my dinner plate whenever we eat together so turnabout is fair game.

17. What is the oldest ornament on your tree? I have a old beat up plastic bell that still has some of the silver covering on it and a few of the “original” jewels on it from nursery school. It was given to me by my Italian pre-school teacher. Plus I have several that I took from my mom’s house that are old glass ones.

18. Real or artificial? Artificial. I have the same one that I have had for about 6 years. Growing up, we rarely had a live one since we lived in warm climates. But I do remember one when we lived in Virginia. But I also remember that I sneezed the entire time it was in the house.

19. How do you feel about Christmas letters? They belong to an older generation. Some of the ones that my mom receives are more like bragging letters.

20. Do you have Christmas decorations or lights outside your house? What are they? No. I find that they are often over done. And growing up in southern Europe, this was something that was only done by the Americans and we always tried to celebrate in the manner of the country we were living in at the time.

21. How far would you drive to see Christmas lights? Wouldn’t drive since I could walk around the neighborhood to see them.

22. Are you a fan of tasteful or tacky? I prefer tasteful but my SIL seems to like tacky so I end up with it.t

23. Annie added this one: Do you have any Christmas collections? I have a set that I bought one year after Christmas that is baking related. And my mother has been giving me the White House ornaments for the past few years.

24. Do you travel to celebrate Christmas? Normal, I go over to my mom’s house but that is less than half a mile. My SIL wants everyone to come up to her house this year and that is 7 miles. Growing up, we always lived too far away to travel so we stayed home. Living overseas tends to do that and my one grandmother would not fly. And my abuela and abuelo always visited us every summer we were in Europe. But we did get to spend Three Kings Day with my cousins, aunts and uncles, and abuela and abuelo the year we moved to Panama. We also had a late Christmas with my great uncle Sam and my great aunt and second cousins and all in Miami that year.

I could tag a few people but I will let you tag yourselves.


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