Busy Helping Elves Finish

Trying to finish one more project before tomorrow morning. But so far I have delivered two hats and still have one more to go. The two hats that were delivered are for two little girls. The one that is left to finish up is for my niece. What is funny about her hat is that she called me yesterday to see if I could knit her a hat very similar to the one I am making her. Now to finish her hat up. But in the meantime, here some photos that I took while walking around window shopping this afternoon in downtown Frederick. I know have a new favorite place to go there since the new downtown Starbucks is open. All of my favorite barristas are there and I can go in and get a drink after checking out all of the sights downtown.


I hope everyone has a fanastic holiday. Time to get back to knitting….


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4 responses to “Busy Helping Elves Finish

  1. Suz

    Merry Christmas, Mia!! 🙂

  2. Happy Holiday’s to you and your family. Hope that the next year will be a good one for you and your FO’s. Thank you for all the wonderful post/information this past year and the knitbuddy friendship.

  3. Great Christmas picks! Hope you were able to finish up. Happy Holidays!

  4. Hope you had a very merry Christmas, Mia! Your photos are wonderful.