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Friday Sky & Friday Kitty


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Holiday Knitting

I managed to finish all four hats just in the nick of time. The two hats that went to my fire chief’s little girls were given to their grandmother Christmas Eve. They were still damp but she said that she had a place to put them and would make sure they were dry by Christmas morning. She and another lady at the post office feel in love with them so I will be making two hats for them.

I finished off my hat for my niece late Christmas Eve. It was washed and drying as was her older brother’s but they were still wet Christmas morning. And since my mother’s dryer has a nice drying rack that you can sit inside it, I decided that the two hats would have to be found as part of a treasure hunt for these presents. The first thing that we all did after my brother and his family arrived was to eat brunch. The youngest nephew’s priorities were simple – he wanted to eat. He walked in and said that he was hungry and climbed up into my chair and helped himself to my French toast. And yes, his parents had already feed him earlier that morning. After the oldest boy finished eating, he was wanting to open presents but everyone else was still eating. So I sent him and his sister on a treasure hunt with only one clue. His sister figured it out right away since the clue was “I take things that are cold and make them warm and I am not in the kitchen.” She figured out that is was something in the utility room. The dryer was running but it took them both a few minutes to figure out that their presents were in there. Her hat was dry but his was still damp. She came upstairs wearing her hat and he reset the timer. He went back down to check on his hat after everyone had finished eating and came back up with his hat on his head even though it was still damp. Neither hat left their respective heads all day. I get the feeling that they both loved their hats.


I thought that I have had my present since early November since my mother decided to replace my dying pink mini. I had planned on purchasing a replacement one for it but she bought one for me as a replacement. But when it came time to open all of the presents, my brother was very insistent that I open one particular package first before anyone else opened packages. Well, I had been hinting that I wanted a new digital camera but I truthfully was not expecting to get one as a present. Well, I did. My brother who is normally a pain in the rear was the one who picked it out for me. I opened the box but my hands never saw it Christmas day. My brother had already made sure that the battery was charged and was using it all day to take pictures. It is going to take me a day or two to figure it all out and get going. So there may be more photos than normal for a bit.


My niece is in love with her new yarn. She requested a purple yarn for her gift, and being a yarn snob already, she requested the “good” stuff. So she received two skeins of Malabrigo and stitch markers. She is already planning her next project. But she was told that she has to finish one project that is already on the needles first. So she is using her school break to knit. And she carries her knitting bag around with her everywhere in case she can find a few minutes to squeeze in knitting.


My oldest nephew was given three skeins of yarn to chose from plus several patterns to pick his new hat from. His choice was Stone Chat in Malabrigo and he rejected all of the patterns offered to him. He wanted to know if I could use the Malabrigo to make him another hat just like the one on his head. He wants another Thorpe hat. He said if I wanted to make him a beanie that would be fine but he prefers the Thorpe. And he said that all of his friends will thing it is cool since no one else has a hat like his. So I will be starting his second Thorpe shortly.

I am still trying to finish some holiday gifts that weren’t even started in time. But I have managed to get one of these projects done and am hoping to have th other one done by the New Year. But weather permitting, I am planning on heading to downtown Frederick tomorrow to play with the new camera. I am liking it so far.

And here is what the breakfast thief thought of Christmas. He wanted to watch his new movie and forget the rest of the stuff. He has been getting one new package a day since that is all he is interested in.



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