Final FOs for 2007

I spent the weekend trying to finish up some final FOs for the year. I managed to finish a hat that has been on the needles for over a month. I also finished one pair of mittens that are a gift. I had already finished the other pair of mittens that are also a gift for some one. I am working on finishing a final pair of mittens for the year that belong to me. Can I just say that I see more Malabrigo in my future? I love the stuff. Two out of the three pairs of mittens are done in Malabrigo. And I love the yarn. It is so nice and soft. I am using the Classic Mitten pattern out of Folk Mittens and have modified it slightly by using a smaller needle size I knit the first pair on the size 5 recommended in the pattern. The second pair was knit on 3s. The final pair is knit on my Brittany size 2.5s. I like the firmer and denser fabric created by the smaller needles. I am going to be making a few more pairs of mittens using this pattern and smaller needles. My hands get cold easy and the firmer fabric will help block out the wind better. (And yes, the pair that are mine will be finished before midnight.)

I also finally decided to commit to a large project that has been sitting in a basket for over a year. Over a year ago, I had ordered the now discontinued kit for Cat Bordhi’s Island Embrace pattern from colorsong yarn. I wound all of the yarn into center pull balls and bought a pair of size 17 Addi’s for the project. And it has sat in the living room in a pretty basket since. Well I have finally decided to commit to the project and cast on for it yesterday. I have decided to modify the pattern slightly by just doing 2 rows of garter stitch for each yarn. But my goal is to finish it by the end of January. The colors in my kits are the pale blues and look like sea foam. And yes, this will be mine. (Photos will follow shortly.)

This afternoon I am planning on heading downtown to play with my new camera weather permitting. I had planned on doing this yesterday but the sky was full of very dark and ugly looking clouds that let loose with sleet and rain. I will try again today. And tonight I plan to be all curled up on the couch watching a marathon of Duncan MacLeod in Highlander Season 1. (Thank you P!!!)


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4 responses to “Final FOs for 2007

  1. I love the mittens — the colors are so great! (I also have been loving all the projects you’ve put up in the past month — what lucky relatives you have!)

  2. Wonderful mittens! Malabrigo is my favorite yarn to knit. It’s just so soft.

    I haven’t watched Highlander in a while, but that used to be a big favorite of mine. Happy New Year!

  3. Oh them mittens are pretty 🙂

    I loved Methos in that series… I thought him to be very yummylicious 🙂 I didn’t care for McLeod as I don’t care for long haired males hehehe.

    Cheers Eva

  4. Those mitts are gorgeous. Malabrigo’s the best for the cold!