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The M Post – Mittens & Mimi

Mimi started her new year off by being a bad cat. And I am hooked on mittens now.

The last pair of mittens were done and were washed and drying well before midnight New Year’s Eve. I went to the new Starbucks in town and sat there and knit for awhile. My friend was working and she didn’t think they would be that busy and that she would be able to sit for a few minutes and knit. The store wasn’t busy but it was steady so she never got the chance to sit down and knit. but she and I did manage to discuss the possibility of getting together a small knitting group to meet there on Sundays. So if you are in the Frederick area and are interested in meeting with a few other knitters on the occasional Sunday, let me know. We are still working on this idea. The store is right around the corner from the Church Street parking garage and has a nice seating area in the back of the store.

I did play around with the new camera though as I walked around Frederick New Year’s Eve though. There is still a little bit of a learning curve to go on it but I am really liking it.


On New Year’s Day, my mother decided that she wanted pasta and shrimp and since my father needs a recipe to cook from instead of just a list of ingredients, she called me to see if I would make it for her. I prepped the ingredients including peeling the shrimp when I decided to check something on the web. Well, the shrimp were in a colander in the sink. And that is when Mimi decided to show her evil side. Among the people foods that she loves are shrimp and garlic. And shrimp is her all time favorite food. She is not allowed on the counters at all. She had been in the kitchen talking to me while I was doing the prep and she followed me out of the kitchen so I didn’t think anything of leaving the shrimp in the sink. Well, her love of shrimp must be stronger than her fear of walking on the stove and the counters. (She learned early that this would result in a smack on the rear.)

I walked back into the kitchen to find Mimi sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor with a whole raw shrimp. She was sitting there eating like this was a normal every day occurrence. She has jumped up onto her seat on top of the potato bin and hopped over to the stove and apparently daintily picked up a shrimp that was on top and jumped off onto the kitchen floor. And these were not tiny shrimp but the nice large ones from Costco. I just told her that she was a bad girl and let her be. I figured that she had caught her prey for the evening and to let her be, I washed the shrimp and just went ahead and made dinner. And no, Mimi did not get any more shrimp. But from now on, any shrimp in the kitchen will be covered and Mimi will be outside in the sun room when shrimp is being prepared.


And a new pair of mittens are on the needles already. I started the Favorite Mittens kit from Fleece artist yesterday but I decided that I didn’t like the mohair in it. actually, my hands were itching just slightly. So I frogged the mitten and am using the BFL to make a different pattern. So if you like mohair, let me know and you can have the wonderful mohair that came with the kit.



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