Photo Weekend & a Contest

The weekend was spend playing with the camera. The weather was nice this weekend and it is even better today. I know there are those who say that this warm weather is good in January but I am one knows that we will be paying for it later in February and March.

I had planned to the county architectural museum Schifferstadt but I had forgotten that the road in front of the museum would be closed for a funeral procession for a fallen firefighter. I did take several photos of the procession of the engines on their way from the church to the cemetery. The fire fighter was on his way to work in Virginia last week when his vehicle was hit by another vehicle crossing the bridge over the Potomac River.


I did manage to end up down at the center of Frederick on Sunday though since I ended up at my LYS on Saturday afternoon. Running through downtown Frederick is Carroll Creek. Years and years ago, the creek flooded a good portion of downtown when the rains from a hurricane actually hit Frederick. So the decision was made back than to turn the while area into a park with channels running along side the creek. The park is slowly developing and there are many new buildings going up creekside. Thanks to the creek being in the historic district, the buildings have to blend in. Since the weather was so nice yesterday, people were out and using the creek like it was intended to be used. There were still small slushy patches of ice on the creek. You could tell this because there was trash sitting on top of them.


I had decided last week to have a contest over here in honor of it being my blog-oversary and my birthday month. (The idea of a birthday month comes from the wonderful Katia and Kylie Mac.) I made my first test post over on Blogger back at the end of December in 2004. But I really didn’t start seriously posting until January of 2005. And my birthday is this month and no I will not say how old I will be. Let’s just say everyone thinks I am way younger than I really am and leave it at that.

There are two prizes that have already been picked out. There may be more since I haven’t decided yet. But to enter, just leave a comment. And let me know if you are a knitter or spinner since there may be some roving as a prize. There is a local farm or two that I want to check out with sheep or alpaca on them. So some fiber and or yarn may find its way into the prize basket.


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42 responses to “Photo Weekend & a Contest

  1. Woah! I love the shot with the angel coming out of the building! It totally looks like you messed with ClipArt to achieve it.

    (Well, I’m sure the painter had something to do with the effect, too, despite your fabulous photography skills.) 😉

  2. How about the fact I am both… Though I am mainly a knitter who gives away her spinning goods to dear friends. I have yet to knit with anything I have spun.

  3. Marvelous job with the new camera! Your photos make me long to see the sun here in Chicago.

    Happy blogiversary and b-day month!

  4. kenworthknitter

    I love the murals in downtown Frederick, and you got a good picture of one of them. Your pictures are worth coming to your blog to look at.

    Happy Birthday and blogiversary.


  5. Great photos! This weather is pretty weird. They said we may see 60 today but like you said it’s just the calm before the storm.

    Happy Birthday and Blogiversary month!

  6. Happy blogiversary and b-day month!

  7. The creek looks a lot like a Dutch Canal, especially with those bridges and so on!!!

    I went to town this afternoon and wanted to make some more pics, but it was sooooo grey that at 3 pm the public lighting came on and the pics are positively horrible.

    Happy birthday and anniversary month!! I’m both a knitter & spinner, but you knew that hehehe 🙂

  8. Happy b-day and bloggiversary! I think your pictures are awesome. I’m getting my hands on a new camera soon too. Can’t wait to play with it…

    I’m a knitter and a wannabe spinner…

  9. Jen

    Happy birthday! I take it you would NOT consider a butthole pencil case the perfect gift…;-)

  10. Lee

    Happy birthday month!! And happy blogiversary! I am a knitter. I love downtown Frederick. Years ago I went there to do photos for a b&w photography class I was taking. I think I actually ended up using a couple of those shots for my portfolio.

  11. Suz

    Cool pics. The “angel” is close to a shop we’ve been to a few times…”As You Wish”, it’s really cool.

    Hmmm. People think you are younger than you are eh? ::counts fingers and toes a few times:: 😉

  12. no contest for me since my stash is in need of sorting and taming… but i wanted to wish you Happy Blogversary! and Happy Birthday month! good wishes for the year to come.

  13. I’m both a knitter and a spinner (learned spinning and fleece prep from Tom Knisely at the Mannings many years ago). I used to belong to a fiber guild in Frederick when I lived in Gaithersburg. Happy Birthmonth and Happy Blogiversary! R&R send a mrower to Mimi.

  14. Nicole

    Happy blogiversary and birthday month! I love your photos!

    I’m a knitter – I’d like to try spinning someday, but I figure I should learn one thing at a time.

  15. Happy birthday and blogging anniversary!

  16. Happy blogiversary and birthday! It’s so fantastic that you’re thinking about checking out some local sheep and alpaca farms ….

    And I posted about this contest on (my knitting contest blog), so hopefully it’ll send some new readers your way!

  17. Happy blogiversary and birthday — Some of my favourite people have January birthdays!

    (PS. I’m a knitter.)

  18. happy blogiversary! and a very happy birthday!

    i am a knitter who thinks spinning looks fun but i don’t think i have enough time for knitting let alone spinning my own yarn.

  19. msmarlyn

    Happy birthday, and blog-iversary.
    I love your photos. What kind of camera did you use?

    I’m a knitter, btw.

  20. Happy Birthday! Happy Blogday!

    a knitter.

  21. Happy Blogiversary!

    I’m a knitter and just started learning how to spin.

  22. Happy Birthday to you and happy blogging too. There is so much sunshine in your photos, and I wish we had some here. I have been knitting a lot, and my spinning needs attention.

  23. monica

    I am a spinning knitter – way to support local farms!

  24. Elaine

    Happy blogiversary. Great photos!

    I’m a knitter

  25. Happy Birthday and Blogoversary!

    I knit, and maybe one day would like to try spinning. I found you through WiKnit…

  26. You have some very beautiful photos. Nice to find you!

    I’m a knitter and crocheter, avoiding the spinning because there is no time or budget for another hobby in my life. But maybe someday….. 🙂

  27. Rachel O

    Love the photos – happy blogiversary and birthday month.

    I’m a knitter.

  28. Happy day to you! I love that you are supporting local – you rock! I am a knitter, with a serious crush on handspun items – someday, I will do it!

  29. I really like your pictures. Happy Birthday!
    I knit and spin…with a spindle, which is time consuming and I’m very backed up with roving, but some more could never hurt!

  30. Love your Carrol Creek park photos!
    I’m both a spinner and a knitter. Wish I could go with you to the farms!

  31. Happy birthday to you! happy blogiversary as well! I love the sounds of the local farm, jealous! Don’t you just love it when that new camera “clicks” ? The pic’s look great!

    I am a knitter and a spinner. I am addicted to fiber in general!

  32. Nice photos, and I love your mystery project yarn! I’m a knitter.

  33. Happy Birthday!! I’m a knitter 🙂

  34. agnes

    Happy birthday month and happy blog-oversary. I am a three month old knitter.

  35. Tami

    happy birthday month!
    I’m a knitter who loves a good contest!

  36. Gretchen

    Happy birthday and blogversary!
    I’m a knitter and I’m a beginner spinner.

  37. Happy blogiversary and I hope you have a Happy Birthday!
    from a knitter

  38. purple

    Happy birthday and blogiversary.

    I’m a knitter and I’m feeling lucky!

  39. jessie

    Happy blogiversary.

    I’m a knitter who would love to win my first contest!

  40. Happy Birthday and Blogiversary! I just knit, I don’t spin.

  41. Happy blogibirthsary! I’m both a knitter and a spinner who loves that center photo in the second set of photos. Beautiful!

  42. Jen

    Happy birthday and blogiversary! I’m both a spinner and a knitter, and I love your photos.