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Clapotis Restarted

I restarted my Clapotis yesterday and already am almost ready to start the straight rows. I am going to try and get the full version out of my three skeins of yarn. I am knitting tight and will leave really short tails this time. Maybe I will actually try a Russian join for the first time.


And I have also started a mystery project which I can’t reveal too many details about yet. But I can show you the yarn that I have picked out. Right now I am working on my gauge swatch for the project. But I already have a major problem with this project. I had to go up to my brother’s house while he ran his wife and oldest son to a doctor’s appointment. The youngest was taking a nap and my niece wasn’t home from school yet. So some one was needed to watch the youngest until my niece got home from school. The problem with the new sweater is that my niece saw the yarn and feel in love with it. And she is already trying to convince me to make the mystery project to fit her instead of me. This project is supposed to be mine but knitting it for her would mean less yarn involved and less knitting. Nope, this one is all mine. Maybe I will make her one after I finish mine.


One of the groups I belong to over on Flickr is Rural Decay. And while I was at my brother’s, I found the perfect shot of a rural shed/greenhouse decaying. The only thing is that my brother might kill if I posted the photo. It is his shed. But my niece and I decided that it looks better and more decayed when there is a little bit of snow on it. So I am going to wait to take that shot. But after taking the photo, I will volunteer to help him demolish it. I am good at demolition just don’t ask me to help rebuilt it.

And I received an early birthday present from P. I knew that she had ordered something but wasn’t expecting it to arrive this early. And she told me that I could open it. But I am being evil to her and haven’t done anything more than cut the tape on the box. She keeps IMing me to see if I have opened the box yet. Maybe I will take pity on her and actually open the box.



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