My Frederick – Photo Friday

Over on Knitting4Shirley, Hillary is switching up Photo Friday to My DC. Well, I could pull photos of DC out of my photo archives or I could expand the range out to the DC suburbs. Frederick is considered to be a suburb of Washington, DC. In non-rush hour, you can be downtown in about 45 minutes. But that only happens when there is absolutely no traffic on the roads. But there a large numbers of people who commute daily to the Washington area for work. So I am going to represent the outer fringes of DC this year. Although there may be the occasional shot of some of the other outer suburbs of the Washington area.

For a theme today, I decided on the view that Frederick is best known for – the Clustered Spires. There are several churches downtown Frederick in very close proximity and their spires are the tallest points in town. The historic district is actually very large in Frederick and actually comprises 50 blocks downtown. The historic commission is known for sticking strictly to the rules and the church spires will remain the highest points in town. (The historic district is also known as the hysteric commission by those who have to deal with them. They are sometimes unwilling to bend to realize that you have to compromise sometimes.)

These photos were taken from the top level of the parking deck on Church Street. They were taken last weekend after the sun started to play hide and seek and the lighting wasn’t the best. (I do plan to take some shots of the church spires from another location in town once the skies brighten up a bit.) Please click on the photos for the larger views.



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3 responses to “My Frederick – Photo Friday

  1. Guinifer

    Lovely photos – like postcards!

  2. Very pretty! I like the idea of a cluster of photos.

  3. How beautiful! I love the color of the sky (nothing like a DC sky in winter…).

    The last time I went to Fredrick was a few years ago and I found it to be one of the coolest and most charming towns in the the DC area. I love the fact that it hasn’t given into developers (the way other small towns in the suburbs have).

    You’re so lucky to live there!