Daily Archives: January 15, 2008

Mystery Project

Okay, those of you who were at knit group on Saturday actually saw my new mystery project. I am knitting a new project which has to stay a secret for now. I mentioned it briefly last week but the yarn I had picked out to start with wasn’t working out with the pattern. So I switched the yarn. I switched from Plymouth’s Tweed to Cascade Eco-Wool. And can I say I love the Eco? I am planning another sweater already in this yarn.


And if anyone has any good suggestions for a small evergreen plant or tree that grows slowly and well do well in the a flower bed that is in the middle of a parking lot, please let me know. I have a flower bed in the middle of a parking lot that I have tried several different flowers in over the years without too much luck. And since there are now tenants in the downstairs office, I need to redo the bed and want to have it look nice without too much work. By work, I mean weeding come summer. So any suggestions are welcome.



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