Snow Day

dsc_0020.jpg It is snowing!!!! Yeah!!! This is the first snow in over a month. Okay, those of you in New England can be quiet. Remember, technically I am blow the Mason-Dixon Line. The storm keeps changing but it is now looking like we might get measurable snow today and tonight. And snow the past few years has been on the light side. But the forecast keeps looking better as the ay goes on. And the snow is really falling right now. And I am far enough away from DC to avoid the heat island effect of the city.

And I just finished reading an article on using the weather to create moods in your photos. Of course, I am still trying to figure out some of the things and waiting for the appropriate weather to occur to try things out.


On the knitting front, the mystery project is not the Central Park Hoodie. It has to stay a mystery for awhile longer. And I haven’t even figured out what yarn I want for my Central Park Hoodie. Actually I have it narrowed down to two yarns but I need to figure out what color I want.

I am getting ready to swatch for a sweater for my nephew. I have some green yarn in my stash that would be perfect for him and he agreed to that color. But I was searching over on Ravelry and found the skull cable from Hello Yarn. And cable is so him. So I am switching his sweater to a cabled one with skulls. I sent him an SMS yesterday timing it for when he got out of school. He called me back right away and agreed to the change. The thing is that he wants the color to be gray instead of green. So I am going to be getting some more Eco-Wool in gray to make him his sweater. At least he is moving away from wanting black.

The green yarn will eventually turn into a basic men’s sweater for either my brother or father. They can both wear the color wear the same size. Plus the like the same styles in sweaters. I wonder if I could just do one seater for the two of them and they could share? It might actually work since they both actually share a few dress coats and jackets. Because of his job, my brother generally wears polos and dark pants since he is installing or working on computers. But he does on occasion have to travel for seminars and trade shows. So he just borrows dress coats and jackets for those occasions. My dad already has them and rarely wears them. So a shared sweater might work. I will have to think on that one more.


And today’s photos were from me playing with the telephoto lens and the macro settings. And yes I am having fun with my camera.


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2 responses to “Snow Day

  1. So glad you got your snow! That skull cable is really cool. My daughter would so be into that!