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My Frederick – Photo Friday

Today’s photos of Frederick are from a cemetery. Frederick has played an important role in the history of the state of Maryland. It was the birthplace or home of more than a few past governors and a judge or two on the federal level. So in order to understand part of the history of Frederick, a visit to a cemetery is a must. Since I started with the Clustered Spires, I am staying downtown for the cemetery right now. First a little bit of background information. Maryland was a colony that has always has strong Catholic ties and there are numerous historic Catholic churches scattered all over the state, including Frederick. The oldest Catholic church in Frederick is St. John the Evangelist and which was founded around 1800.


So it is not surprising that you will find many famous people buried in St. John’s Cemetery. Among them are Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney, who is best remembered for the Dred Scott decision, and former Governor Enoch Louis Lowe. The parish of St John’s has long been associated with the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and there are many brothers or soldiers of Christ as they are known buried in the cemetery. There are several members of the parish who died during the War Between the States buried in the older section of the cemetery. Many of these graves are marked with a small round medalion with the initials G.A.R. on them. This indicates that they were members of the Grand Army of the Republic.


There are more photos up over on Flickr in the Frederick collection. Look for the St. John’s set.


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