My Computer Hates Me!

Okay, maybe it doesn’t really hate me. It is just that I have so much on the computer. I installed an external drive yesterday and I need to move files over to it. I will not admit to how much space my photos take up. But I spent a good portion of yesterday moving files over to the new drive. I still need to move more photo files over there.

There is knitting going on but nothing worth showing off just yet. I am trying to finish up some UFOs. And this is the SMS I sent to someone last night – “Why do we need two hands? If I only had to knit one I would have a UFO done.” I am trying to finish up some mittens again.

And the contest is still open. It will close on my birthday which is Friday.


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4 responses to “My Computer Hates Me!

  1. Lee

    I did already comment on the original contest page. But I am not sure if I said Happy Birthday, and besides, even if I did, it never hurts to hear it again!

    I can sympathize about the photos…. I need to really bite the bullet and organize mine!

  2. Hey honey, will you email me your snailmail address? There’s something I need to get in the mail here.

    Also, what brand external drive did you buy? Do you like it? How easy is it to use?

  3. Eva

    I am going to download my pictures from my website to my second hard drive today. I’ve already removed the 2000+ pictures that were on the computer to the hard drive.

    Cheers Eva

  4. Must be that time of year. I just got a new external hard drive (previous one crashed with all my stuff on it–ugh!) and I have spent the last couple of days making hard copies of all my pictures onto CD and then copying them on the new hard drive. Mine comes with the option to “sync.” DON’T DO THIS!!! is all I can say. I lost all my knitting patterns, etc, that I’ve bought electronically over the years. COMPUTERS!! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them! At least not while there is Ravelry!