Still Knitting

Okay, I think I have most of my computer issues solved with the simple solution of moving quite a bit over to the external drive. I did take the time to go through my old photos and clean them up some. I had several folders that were empty or only had one or two photos in them. And when I went to upload my photos for today’s post, I realized that I need to do a little bit of folder clean up and sort them into folders by years to make it easier for me.

I am still knitting though. My Clapotis 4.1 is coming along. I am headed towards repeat 6 on the straight section. I think I am going to be able to get it done with the 3 skeins. The other one I have on the needles will probably be frogged and the yarn turned into something else. I have been looking at Jeanie from the latest issue of Knitty. Over on Ravelry, I have noticed a few people doing it out of a DK weight yarn so that is one very good possible pattern.


I am so trying to be good and finish at least one sock on the needles before I start a new one. I have reduced the number of sock clubs I am in this year and my favorite one is the semi-solid one from Zen Yarn Garden. We received the first shipment for the new club and the name of the yarn is enough for me – Down By The Bay. The colors remind me of the water and water is something I love. I keep looking at the skein and petting it and petting it some more. I keep reviewing sock patterns in my mind that will suit the yarn. But so far I have been good and just pet it. But it has motivated me to pick up on of the two pairs that only need second socks. And I should be turning the heel of one of them tonight. If I finish one, I can start something with this yarn. I seriously doubt Roxanne could dye something that I won’t like.

dsc_0060.jpgdsc_0061.jpg (The color is hard to photograph and the second photo is closer to the true colors.)

Right now I am trying to finish going through the book that was the last item in my wonderful gift box from P earlier this month. I still need to photograph the mitten kits and the book. The book is feminin strikk. This is a book that P and I saw on a Fleegle‘s blog back in July of last year and it struck both of us as one that we wanted to check out. And P is such a wonderful friend that she ordered a copy of this book for me and is waiting on my reading it so I can give her my opinion of it before she buys herself a copy. So far I am in love with the designs. Norwegian is not a language I speak or read. I am strictly a Latin based language girl but this book is making Norwegian something I may want to learn.

I did manage to pick up a copy of the new Piecework which is the annual knitting issue. This year it is all about mittens. I was sad to see that they reprinted an article from an older issue about Poetry mittens without updating the article or make the graph easier to read. But I am still happy that the magazine is around. Interweave seems to be focusing on on Knits over the other magazines that they publish. I am happy that I have my older issues as I am starting to miss embroidery and needlework and keep thinking it is time to start working on a needle arts project.

I need to start my mittens for the No More Humdrum Mittens 2 swap. Because of the small size of the swap, I am not going to really posting about them here. I will post photos but they will be altered just to protect myself. I was able to remember to take out all of my info from my swap email address though.

And here are a hew photos from last week’s snow. I managed to catch the snowman my neighbor’s little boys made before it left for a colder climate.



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4 responses to “Still Knitting

  1. Love the color of your Clapotis.

  2. The clapotis is really pretty in that color. The yarn color is so nice!

  3. I love the colors of your Clapotis. Still haven’t the nerve to tackle that one yet.

  4. That is a very pretty color of yarn that you got too. Is the book P sent you the same one you showed me a few weeks ago? If so I agree that there are some great patterns in there!